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SIMPLE PLAN CONCERT – Brisbane October 2nd

Best Night of My Life!

Well, Carly (my friend) and I arrived at the Entertainment Centre just after 7 PM and lined up for Merch. After I’d bought a T-shirt we went in to sit down, it was crazy! We could see the mosh area from where we were sitting (Section 25 for everyone who knows the Brissy EC) which had been split into a front and back part.

At 8 PM almost on the dot Kisschasy came on. They wowed the crowd for almost 20 heart-stopping minutes, the said crowd, including me and Carly, screaming and getting into it.

I didn’t think we could get any louder, but boy was I wrong…

At 8.30pmish when AAR came on the screams escalated another notch as the guys proceeded to ply us with hits from their first and soon to be released albums. I was surprised at how many of their songs I actually knew. And they really got the crowd into it.

When they announced that it was their very first time in Australia the response was ecstatic.

However, the screams for them were nothing against the absolute adulation the fans had for the final and most important band of the night: SIMPLE PLAN!

Even at the mere sound of the band setting up it was enough to get the crowd going and when the lights dimmed and the music began, the crowd erupted as the chords of Shut Up filled the arena.

The guys had so much energy. Even Chuck at his drums looked like he was bursting at the seams. Their repertoire I’ve already posted above so won’t repeat it suffice to say it rocked!

Songs from Still Not Getting Any

Shut Up

Perfect World


Thank You


Me Against The World



No Pads No Helmets…Just Balls

I’d Do Anything

The Worst Day Ever

I’m Just A Kid



God Must Hate Me


Grow Up

Happy Together – cover

I Believe in A Thing Called Love – cover

A rap (PIMP/Drop It’s Like It’s Hot) – cover

Throughout the songs they interspersed the singing with their typical SP banter. The two most talkative were Pierre and David but you could see them all interacting together at various stages during the show.

Pierre played guitar in Crazy, Untitled and Perfect (correct me if I’m wrong or missed anything). That was amazing.

He splashed water on people and was getting everyone to scream:

“We have a problem…I think we have a problem here…so…I need you all to SCREAM!”

One of my fave lines of the night was David’s one about some condom someone had blown up in the mosh. They were batting it around and he said:

“Did you know there’s a condom floating around…? But, y’know…it’s all good…you can have fun…but be SAFE!”

And another was when he asked if we wanted them to come back and he was like…

“OK…then it’s a date! And you know what happens on the second date?”

I thought it was cute when Pierre asked if Untitled had come out yet and I loved it when they yelled out the Aussie chant.

Now ok…what they were wearing…I know there are pics…but I want to give my impression.


Chuck: Black gloves, Green Role Model shirt, ¾ pants.

Jeff: Sleeveless white shirt and tie can’t remember what pants

Seb: striped polo T and ¾ pants

David: red shirt, blackpants geeze just hot

Last but definitely not least: The Man, The Rock, and The Voice…MR PIERRE CHARLES BOUVIER! Oh My Pierre…ORGASM ON LEGS! Okay sorry…what was he wearing? Um…uh…noth…I mean a white t-shirt with a black jumper-vest, a pair of long black pants and his black and white converse sneakers.

Sheesh…he exudes sex on stage…I am serious…I think I practically died…

Pierre was everywhere almost at once, engaging the crowd and generally having a good fun time. He made faces, smiled laughed, got the crowd to jump and scream.

Chuck came into the audience down one side (well ok up…in the seats), you should have heard the screams then.

One part that really got me hot was when Pierre and David started moaning and groaning into their mics (which had echo on at that moment) during thank you I think it was.

Then when the guys went off stage after untitled we were all screaming for them to come back and Chuck came on with the Aussie flag and waved it before talking to us.

When Jeff came back on after that Chuck was all like:

“Oh, they’re coming back!” So cute…

Then Pierre said: “I could hear all the screaming and I couldn’t help but come back to say…I LOVE YOU!”

The screams after that were amazing.

They then played their last three songs and at the end Pierre yelled:

Aussie Aussie Aussie

Oi Oi Oi!!!

And that was the end of the concert…Pierre threw his sweaty towel into the audience at the end lol.

We missed seeing Jeff…because of security…grrr.

oh also at one stage Chuck came from behind the drums and wanted to give Jeff a Hi-five…but he wouldn’t so Chuck kissed him on the cheek instead lol

That’s all I can remember but whoa! it was the best!