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July Blogging Challenge- Word a Day

Day 21 – Moment

I’ve just arrived at work and decided to take a moment for myself in the prep room.  Sometimes, it’s a good thing to do as the chaos of a day can be overwhelming.  Though, the chaos doesn’t usually happen at the beginning of the day, but apparently I’ve just walked into chaos.  There’s going to be twenty-fiv children in the older kids room today and they have the visit from the nursing home today.  
As a blessing, we only have six in the babies room today, so I’m looking forward to a bit of peace in that regard. But, right now I want to take a moment to consider what will happen tonight at home.   We are going to have our second Connect tonight and I’m praying that God will move as I know He always has done in the past.  
I know it is early days, but I am trusting God to draw people close who we need in our lives and who, perhaps, need us in their lives.  It is a challenge that I am excited to step into.  After the initial disappointment I realised that I have to stop trying to do things off my own back.  God has got us in this as He has had our backs in everything.  I can only bring to the table what I have in my hands and then let God do the rest.
A shorter post today, but, I think I’ve said all that’s needed.  
God bless.