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Cowboys 38  Roosters 18 YAY!!!

First time ever in the ten years that the cowboys have been in the nrl they beat roosters at home. (They’ve beaten them before just not on home ground)






ps here’s pics of my fave players  Matt Sing Matt Bowen and Josh Hannay

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Cats (Felids) (and Canidaes)

These creatures are fascinating animals.  I think they are really good.  I’m going to do my Conservation Biology Essay on the Big Cats of Africa I think or maybe just Big Cats in general?  Anyway I added a new photo album with animals…mainly cats (small and big) and a photo of Migaloo the white humpback whale and a baby northern hairy nosed wombat.




anyways heres some pics

I’m also adding some Canidae photo’s as well.


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Another minute another hour another day


I had university again today…heaps of fun.  Had a lecture on co-operative breeding in birds and out lecturer kept using an oxymoron…not because he’s a moron or anything he’s a pretty cool lecturer.  But anyway he kept saying…relatively unique…uh…something is either unique or not unique…

Also had an animal behaviour lecture on salmonids and navigation and stuff…lol it was pretty good.

anyways gtg do study and assignments so



PS…what up James hehe  oh and I found these hot pics of pierre


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I was up all last night…till 4 am lol…listening to Pillar ‘Frontline’…it’s a really good song should go and get the album…"Where Do We Go from here"

I’m on the SPO boards right now…so addictive…lol ah well that’s my spiel for now




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How I became Obssessed with SP

Picture this.

It’s August 2004:

*watching Video Hits/Channel[V]…watching for a vid that I really want to see…but suddenly these five guys playing on a roof come on…’Perfect’ – Simple Plan*  I went and bought the single and played for almost two months in my car…but didn’t notice who was in the band

Then…It’s the first of November 2004:

My friend Cass and I go into Stocklands (shopping centre) and go into Sanity music just to have a look.

Cass:  Oh look there’s the new Delta Goodrem single

Me:  Cool…oh…*sees Welcome to My Life single…the Simple Plan label stands out catching my attention*  Simple Plan…

Cass:  what you found?

Me:  this…*goes and listens to it on machine thing….falls in love with it completely*


haha that’s how I became obssessed with SP and Pierre

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Random thoughts

Well I had uni again today…we had a lecture on genetic conservation and why we should conserve genes…it was actually interesting.  It will be helpful for our project we have to do.

I went for a walk this arvo with my mum down on The Strand…and we were talking about how sore her bottom was…lol I know I shouldn’t laugh but what the heck…

Anyway I’ve added photo’s of Reset and stuff….mostly Pierre and some Chuck…

IncomingDanny…that’s your opinion and I respect that.  But I think SP are great so yeah…if you don’t like it…don’t comment here thanks.



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My obsession…and myself


Well, I’ve just made this space…booyaa… lol and well if you want to a little about me go to my profile i suppose.

Today I had lectures…cos I go to university…fun…a little at least but now I’m totally buggered…oh well….

I’m new to this too lol