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…and the Shofar Blew, a novel 

As you all know, I don’t write book reviews as such.  But, I would like to tell you about this book that I just finished reading.  In some ways I read it twice, maybe three times in the one sitting.  That is, I read the beginning.  I read some of the chapters in the middle.  Then I read the last chapter.  Then I read the whole book right through.  I pick up a lot more when I do that.  And, so, I think I can fill you in with my thoughts now that I’ve had a day to think on it.

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July Blogging Challenge – Word a Day

Day 25 – Gather

Gather, to gather… It’s a grouping word.  Right?  I think it’s important to get likeminded people together at times so they can bounce off each other.  So, that they can talk and be themselves.  That’s how I work at least.  When I’m amongst people I am comfortable with I come out of my little introvert shell and you cannot shut me up.  However, put me in a room filled with people that I have no connection to?  I become reserved and quiet.  
The term “gathering” invokes in me an image of a large group of people, though it can mean small groups too.  I prefer the smaller type, though as I feel safer in small groups.  However, by the same token, a large group is easier to hide in.   I like to observe others in larger crowds; people-watching can be fun.  The different personalities in a room can liven the atmosphere.  
I’m not really sure what I’m trying to get at in this post, just writing what springs to mind, I guess.
Gather can also mean to draw together, I guess that’s why they call it gathering flowers, hey?  But yes, back to the groups of people, particular events can be the reason people are drawn together.  
Parties, concerts, other life events.  All my family and friends gathered for my wedding; friends gathered at my bestie’s for her housewarming.  Events such as these mark special moments in life.  And then there are spontaneous gatherings such as those that form when people are playing Pokemon Go around Perth… Someone found a Pikachu! 

Speaking of Pokemon Go…I haven’t downloaded it and I want either…I have this game to play instead…
Yes, that’s Pokemon White, Version 2.  Who needs Pokemon Go when you have a 3DS?  I’m “old school”.  Haha.  Whatever that means.  I am 30…. Three months until I turn 31.  Scary.  And I still play Pokemon.  Go figure.  Still, not surprising.  The majority of Pokemon Go players are in the 20s to 30s anyway…so I’m in good company.  Haha.  So, gather away.  
One of the best gatherings though is that of the Church.  I went to church yesterday, on my lonesome. Hubby was sleeping.  The message was on point (Life may hurt, but God will use it to bring about His purposes in our lives) and worship…wow.  It was what I needed to remind me of God’s providence and that He is central to everything in my life.  Some beautiful songs of praise and worship are coming out of the Riverview Worship Team.  Your Love and Deeper are so uplifting and covered by God’s grace.  Awesome.
I leave you with these lyrics from Deeper 

‘Your love is taking me deeper,
Your love is pulling me closer…’
‘Deeper’ by Riverview Worship.
Hear more here:

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In God We Trust

Building community; building the Church – God’s calling in my life 
The big decisions in life can only be made in light of what God has called us to do.  Without God there is no true purpose for life and I truly believe that.  Even for people in the world who are on a journey that doesn’t intentionally include God; their lives all have a purpose in God’s ultimate plan.  
In light of this my husband and I have decided to take a step of faith and lead a small group in our home.  We’ve started Connect Group training through church and we are on a journey to help edify others in their own life travels.  
In making this decision we’ve had to pray and allow God to guide us in what we needed to do to make this work for us.  One of the biggest changes we had to decide upon was stepping away from the worship team.  Not an easy decision; choosing to follow where God leads isn’t always easy.  However, a decision that I know will be rewarding in the long term.  Still not a decision made lightly.
On my end I’ve been in the Riverview worship team for almost 9 years and all that time I’ve not had a break (except for when I was sick).  On my husband’s end he’s been in worship teams on and off since he was in his late teens, so quite some time.  Going by that, I know, God willing, that we will be back in a worship team some day; it is a huge part of who we are as followers of Christ.  But, in this season of life as a newly married couple it is time to move on to the next step.  
We’ve been looking to join a small group for quite a while now, but there really wasn’t somewhere for us to fit.  I’d been in a young adults group a few years earlier and so I know and value the need for small group community within a church such as Riverview.  It’s a large church and so easy to get lost within the crowd.  And one of the most important things in ones faith journey is that we are not meant to do it alone.  We were created for relationship:  with God and with each other.  
I hope and pray that this next step in our journey will strengthen our relationship with God, with each other and the community that we will hope to form within the larger church community.  
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I’m 30! The rest is all down hill from here!

Not really. 

I apologise for the lack of thoughts from my brain; 
the last few weeks have been a bit insane.  
Before I update you, have the cover of Simple Plan’s soon-to-be released (tomorrow!!!) single, “I Don’t Wanna Go to Bed!” (“Is this their I Don’t Wanna album?” – Mark). 
Anyway, updates:
1.  My husband’s health took a turn, and he ended up in hospital.  We initially thought it was due to ongoing issues with a wound he has on his foot, but over the past week of tests etc (I won’t bore you with them) the doctors now think he has the flu.  
2. In the last two weeks of school holidays it was absolutely crazy at work.  It’s settled down now, but we now have hand foot and mouth going through the centre.  Fun.  Spent ages cleaning every single toy in our room yesterday. 
3.  I turned 30 on Sunday the 11th.  Not the most auspicious of occasions, what with Mark being in hospital, but a strangely beautiful day, nonetheless. 
4.  Riverview is now based at Curtin for the next ten or so months.  The first service, which incidentally was on my birthday, went amazingly well.  God’s presence was there in the large space.  It still felt like home.
5.  Throughout all this time, one thing is abundantly clear:  God is forever with me.
And finally.  Have this photo of the team worshiping pre-service. 
God bless you all.


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Tim Healy – Integrity

My thoughts and notes as Tim was preaching yesterday at church.

The call of God on our lives to live with integrity.

Luke 10: 2-3 
As disciples of Jesus we are sent out as lambs amongst wolves.  
Following Jesus is about surrendering your life.  Not necessarily improving your life.
The reward far outweighs the risk but there is a risk. 
There should be an element of Discernible difference in our lives.
Why?  Because we’re surrounded by moral relativity these days.
Trust is the lifeblood of relationships.
Integrity provides security 
Integrity is something we all have
The 4 dimensions of integrity:
1. Show consistency – integrity is about being the same on the outside as is the reality on the inside. 
Matthew 23:3-1, 27-28
Same person no matter who you are with or where you are. 
2. Speak truthfully – deal honestly with people.  Be honest.  
Ephesians 4:25
Proverbs 28:6
3.  Act rightly – integrity does the right thing for no other reason than that is is right.
Ephesians 6:1-6
Integrity is doing the right thing with only God on our mind
4. Accept responsibility – accept that we have to be accountable. 
Integrity is not about being perfect, it’s about acknowledging that we are not.
Psalm 78:72 
Living with real integrity. 
The key is to submerge our lives into God’s grace
Divine enablement to achieve God’s purposes in this world.  
2 Corinthians 1:12