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Marly’s 15 Top Tips for Doing Life

I turn 30 this year, and I’m also going to get married this year, so I feel that I’ve lived long enough to give some tips on doing life well.  At least up to the age of 30.  

And really these are subjective and might not work for everyone, but hey, it’s what’s worked for me.  So…  Here we go.  In no particular order.  
15 tips to doing life.
1.  Be grateful for the little things
2.  Surround yourself with people who you trust and will grow you – not just lift you up, but will help you learn as you go through life.  Sometimes constructive criticism is necessary.
3.  Be that person in 2 to others around you.
4. Go for walks in nature 
5. Smile – even if you’re feeling down, if you smile you will actually start to feel better 
6.  Keep a journal or blog, even if it’s just one word or sentence describing how your day went or what you’re thinking or feeling.
7. Play/enjoy life 
8.  Learn an instrument/Sing in the shower

9.  Volunteer/serve your community in some way.  
10.  Pray (as a follower of Christ this is important to me)
11.  Read a good book
12.  Go to concerts/plays/shows/musicals/anything arts related
14.  Travel 
15.  Enjoy your work.  Even if it’s just the little things. 
Bonus:  Find someone to do life with. (My fiancé is the one person I want to spend the rest of my life with, learning how to do life even better together)