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Tis almost the season…

It’s the 4th of November and I thought I’d give you another little update of where Mark and I are at.  

First off, he’s started his new job and is really enjoying it. He’s a greeter at the entrance to Target, perfect job for him.  Backtracking a little, we finally found out what was wrong with him (probably); it was a reaction to the antibiotics they put him on…go figure. 
Anyway, he’s over that and we’re tracking OK in that regard.  
I’m in the babies room at work this week, and seriously that’s the best thing.  Or maybe the worst thing?  Haha, not helping my cluckiness, that’s for sure. 
I have sciatica.  That is I have pain in my left leg which is being caused by a disc in my spine pressing on the sciatic nerve.  It’s a pain, literally; but I’m getting treatment and it’s not effecting my ability to work.  
I have no car anymore because my baby got crashed into last month.  It got written off and I will eventually get a pay out from it.  So, we’ll be able to get a relatively decent secondhand car if we decide to do so.
Another thing at work, my centre has employed a male educator, which I think is fantastic.  There are not many men working in early learning education, as teachers or in centres, so I think it’s wonderful to see.  Especially, young men who are passionate about education in the early years.  
I think it’s sad that the negative stigma of men in the profession is what drives them away.  We need men in the profession because many children need positive male role models in their lives.
In a less serious note, November 1st marked 11 years of me being a Simple Plan fan.  They also released their official first single off their 5th album last month.  
Good Charlotte is apparently back. 
And this Friday night Mark and I are off to watch the basketball at Perth Arena:  Wildcats v Crocs (my Tville boys :)). 
So, that’s me.  
God bless you all. 
(Oh and it’s almost Christmas!)
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I’m 30! The rest is all down hill from here!

Not really. 

I apologise for the lack of thoughts from my brain; 
the last few weeks have been a bit insane.  
Before I update you, have the cover of Simple Plan’s soon-to-be released (tomorrow!!!) single, “I Don’t Wanna Go to Bed!” (“Is this their I Don’t Wanna album?” – Mark). 
Anyway, updates:
1.  My husband’s health took a turn, and he ended up in hospital.  We initially thought it was due to ongoing issues with a wound he has on his foot, but over the past week of tests etc (I won’t bore you with them) the doctors now think he has the flu.  
2. In the last two weeks of school holidays it was absolutely crazy at work.  It’s settled down now, but we now have hand foot and mouth going through the centre.  Fun.  Spent ages cleaning every single toy in our room yesterday. 
3.  I turned 30 on Sunday the 11th.  Not the most auspicious of occasions, what with Mark being in hospital, but a strangely beautiful day, nonetheless. 
4.  Riverview is now based at Curtin for the next ten or so months.  The first service, which incidentally was on my birthday, went amazingly well.  God’s presence was there in the large space.  It still felt like home.
5.  Throughout all this time, one thing is abundantly clear:  God is forever with me.
And finally.  Have this photo of the team worshiping pre-service. 
God bless you all.