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The Quiet Days at Work

Savour the “Quiet Days”.  This is one of the biggest lessons I have learnt in early learning.  These days or even moments can often be few and far between, but they are as precious as the “Crazy Days”.

I used to get bored on the QDs, but after 11 years in the profession, I’ve reached a point where I can utilise them to benefit both myself, my team and the children that I educate and care for.  I haven’t quite perfected this, and I don’t think I ever will.  I do still get bored, sometimes.  It’s a work in progress.


NB: A Quiet Day doesn’t necessarily mean that there are low numbers of children; this is sometimes the case, though.

Here are the top 5 things I’ve found are beneficial to do on a Quiet Day:

  1. More one-on-one interaction with the children (on low number days)
  2. Getting to sit back and watch the children engage in their own play experiences without interruption; after all even on the days that seem quiet, quality learning is always happening.
  3. Quality team interactions
  4. Catching up with documentation and planning
  5. Cleaning jobs that don’t get done otherwise
There are evidently a lot more that can be done on a quiet day than what I’ve listed; however, those were what came to the top of my list.


I cherish the Quiet Days as they are the ones that often garner the most memorable moments for me personally.  Cuddles from the babies and toddlers; random conversations about Frozen or food with the older children; moments where I get to know my colleagues better; they are all worth the quieter moments.

What do your Quiet Days look like?

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Work. Behaviour management. Argh

Imagine you have nine four year old children two of them who won’t listen.  One of those two is the instigator, the other is a follower.  What would you do?

I’m almost at the stage of tearing my hair out and it’s only Wednesday lunchtime.  The threat of not joining in play sessions etc doesn’t seem to work and I honestly do not know what I should be doing.  I feel out of my depth, even though I’ve known these children the whole time they’ve been at the centre.

It’s amazing to stop and think that I’ve been at the centre for almost three years.  It feels like a lot shorter.  But, seeing the children puts a stop to that thought.  A lot of them were in the baby room when I started. 

Crazy, eh?

Lovely story though: Yesterday afternoon as I was leaving work, the big boss’ son called out bye to me, and his dad said he liked how he greets me.  I live for those moments. 

Though, after last night’s session on Worship at team night, I feel that I need to alter my attitude a little more.  I still have moments where I feel mad toward the children, but then I think that’s not what Jesus would feel.  If I have a servant heart in my daily work, and do it all for God’s glory…my perspective will change. 

Everything I do should be for the children.  For the centre.  And ultimately for He who created us. 

That will be my prayer, daily.  That I will worship God in everything I do.


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So, I haven’t written on this blog in so long.  Probably because I now have Tumblr.  And I’ve been Facebooking a whole lot more, as well.  A lot, and I mean a lot, has happened since I typed anything on this particular blog site, and I have to say it would take forever for me to list everything, but maybe I could start with the highlights?  So, here goes:

  1. Paul and I have been together for 19 months and our relationship is progressing, no matter what my parents think.
  2. Riverview is about to release their first worship album since ‘And Sing’.  A studio offering called “Beginnings” and I am super stoked to hear the heart for God in these songs
  3. I saw Simple Plan live in June of this year, and I met them.
  4. I’ve been at my job for almost fourteen months now and there have been a lot of staff changes and a lot of emotional upheaval.  Though it is exciting, watching the children growing and learning every day.
  5. I’ve turned 27.  
  6. I had sinus surgery.  
  7. I’ve made headway on my Cert III
  8. I’m considering early learning childhood education in the long term
  9. I went to my ten year school anniversary.
  10. And…I’ve endured the emotional rollercoaster which is the AFL season.
Speaking of which, I’m still stoked that Travis Cloke is staying a Magpie.  And I’m excited for 2013.
Anyway, I’m really not sure what else to write, so I’ll sign off for now.   I have to go feed my friend’s dog and cats as she’s away on a mini holiday.  
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Life as me. Or at least some little tidbits.

Sometimes I wonder what exactly it is I’m doing with my life. Do I really want to work with children? Is my writing just an obsession? Pertinent questions. But, notice, I never, never seriously ask myself, what if God doesn’t exist? What if all the worship I do is worthless, pointless? I never seriously think about that.

I have in passing thought about what my life would be like without the God aspect, but I always come back to the conclusion that without God, life isn’t worth it. God is so important to me. He is the author of everything, and though I am personally responsible for my physical life, my physical being, my physical thoughts and acts; God is still there as well, a rock for my foundation. The guiding light for my heart.

So many things in life steer me toward God, rather than away from Him, and none more so than nature itself. Science also points to God, as far as I’m concerned. But, I don’t mean in the way many ‘Creation Scientists’ claim. I just study science, see nature and believe that God has to exist. Even if it is not the Christian God [though obviously, that is what I believe], there is still a god out there who Created this world.

But, back to my other questions. I have decided that I most definitely want to work with younger children. Beginning in Childcare of course, but perhaps ending up as an Early Childhood teacher in a pre-primary school setting. Of course, it’s not a big money-earning profession, but I’m not really in it for the money. You can’t be. It doesn’t earn you enough to warrant that. Apparently, though the Union in Australia is campaigning for a significant pay-rise and also for the industry to be recognised as a proper career choice and profession as important as teaching in schools.

No matter what, though. I believe this is the area I want to work in. For better or for worse.

Next thing. My writing. I can’t foresee myself ever really publishing anything, most of my original stories get neglected and my brain keeps churning over new ideas that never come to fruition. Though my A7X fanfiction, Shadows Creed has the potential to become an original story, at some stage. However, I can’t see myself ever quitting writing, either. I’ve gotten into a lot of fights with my mum over my writing, with her calling it all ‘crap’. Though I shouldn’t take it to heart because she’s not personally attacking me…it still hurts, and it makes me feel guilty about doing something I enjoy. Which some would say means I shouldn’t be doing it…But, I think I feel more guilty about the being sneaky than actually doing the writing.

I can and will finish my stories, it will just take a lot longer. I hope, though that I won’t tire of them before I finish them… You Don’t Mean Anything being a case in point, though I have some inspiration for it lately.

All in all…that all pales in comparison to how my personal life is going. I am content with myself in general. I have a loving family, boyfriend, wonderful friends, and an amazing God.

That’s me, really. Along with my support of my favourite bands and sporting team…I wouldn’t change any of it. Not for anything or anyone.