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So, I haven’t written on this blog in so long.  Probably because I now have Tumblr.  And I’ve been Facebooking a whole lot more, as well.  A lot, and I mean a lot, has happened since I typed anything on this particular blog site, and I have to say it would take forever for me to list everything, but maybe I could start with the highlights?  So, here goes:

  1. Paul and I have been together for 19 months and our relationship is progressing, no matter what my parents think.
  2. Riverview is about to release their first worship album since ‘And Sing’.  A studio offering called “Beginnings” and I am super stoked to hear the heart for God in these songs
  3. I saw Simple Plan live in June of this year, and I met them.
  4. I’ve been at my job for almost fourteen months now and there have been a lot of staff changes and a lot of emotional upheaval.  Though it is exciting, watching the children growing and learning every day.
  5. I’ve turned 27.  
  6. I had sinus surgery.  
  7. I’ve made headway on my Cert III
  8. I’m considering early learning childhood education in the long term
  9. I went to my ten year school anniversary.
  10. And…I’ve endured the emotional rollercoaster which is the AFL season.
Speaking of which, I’m still stoked that Travis Cloke is staying a Magpie.  And I’m excited for 2013.
Anyway, I’m really not sure what else to write, so I’ll sign off for now.   I have to go feed my friend’s dog and cats as she’s away on a mini holiday.  

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