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Conversations about God

This is the last full week of work before the Passover/Easter break.  My thoughts have continued to be turned to God and what He did for me on the Cross.  I’ve also had some fun watching the kids at work learning about Passover and again I think about how Jesus is the ultimate Passover Lamb. 

For me and, I know, many Christians, the period of Easter is the most important in our walk with the Lord.  The fact that He gave His life for us is humbling.  Even more so is the fact that He conquered death.  We do not need to fear Hell if we put our trust in Jesus and accept Him in our lives.

I pray that this Easter more of God’s people will accept the call of He who Created us. 

On an interesting aside, I was talking to my friend and she told me that at her church the Pastor was explaining the meaning of Eve and Adam eating of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil.  The Pastor explained that it was sign of their disobedience and wanting to be separate from God, a metaphor of them rejecting God in their lives.  This is sin. 

That encouraged me, because it was like a light going off in my mind.  I realised this could be the one thing that vindicates my views on evolution.  If eating of the fruit is a metaphor, then it doesn’t necessarily negate human evolution. 

Humans at some stage in their evolution could figure out God existed then decide that they didn’t want God to rule them, and this would be where sin entered into the world. 

It doesn’t negate the severity and importance of sin, but at the same time evolution within the human species could be accepted. 

Amazing.  God is amazing.

Though, that’s all just minor in comparison to what He did for us on the Cross.  This is what matters to the people of this world. 

And I am forever grateful to God for what He has done for me.

Thank You Lord for sending Your Son to die for me on the Cross.  Thank You Lord for defeating death.  For death is what we deserve, but You so loved us that You sent Your only begotten Son. For You did not send Him to condemn us, but to be our Saviour.