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The Uprising – Thoughts and Prologue

I have finally started planning my full length original novel.  It is very loosely based on my A7X fanfic, Shadows Creed; however the plot, and character motivations are different.

The basic premise is this:

It is 2025.  The Creed controls everything.  Peace reigns after the War of Words.  Music has been banned.  But, there has been rumours of the rise of The Mus.  

The Mus is a mysterious renegade who provokes the Creed through random acts of daring, playing music in the most unlikeliest of places.  No one has any idea of who it may be, except for Pips Preston who has just been released from prison.

Their worlds merge and become the catalyst for a revolution that will change the lives of everyone they know and love.

Main Cast:
Robbie Douglas [Thomas Brodie-Sangster]
Daniel McTavish [Alex O’Loughlin]
Philip “Pips” Preston [Pierre Bouvier]
Elliott Preston [Jim Sturgess]

I will now share the prologue with you and the banner.  Enjoy.

“Let’s go home.”
Valoren City
1st May, 2025
0415 Hours
It began with the drum sticks.  Long, thin, black with a cobweb clinging for dear life to its length as if the poor spider half-heartedly started then got spooked.  He stared at the sticks for a long time, with not a thought.  Just allowing his eyes to follow the straight lines.  Then, casting his gaze to the laptop next to him.  It sat, perching, on an upturned milk crate the faded metal cover catching the dim light that filtered into the room. 
He inhaled deeply before leaning across to hit a key; placing the tips of the sticks on the edge of the crate. 
Pausing, he checked the monitor, reading the words that scrolled across the screen.  Then with a twist of his lips he proceeded to play.
                                                            * * *
Daniel swore as the alarm by his head jolted him awake.  The incessant beeping sent a murderous impulse through him, but he settled for just slapping the top of his radio until it stopped.  The sudden silence afterwards set his teeth on edge, but then something else…
The speakers outside his window were pulsing.  He grimaced, the skin tightening across his forehead as he brushed sleep aside and dragged his body out of bed.  Making his way to the window, not an easy task with his bed covers in his path.  He must’ve kicked them off during the night. He prised it open so he could listen.
Drumbeats.  Unmistakeable.  Filled the air.  He blinked several times before cursing again.
“You’ve gotta be shitting me,” he said out loud, a groan ending his words. 
He stood still, just listening as his heart rate seemed to match the steady rhythm that the speakers were emitting.  Dragging fingers through his hair he heaved a sigh, shaking his head hard. 
“Coffee,” he muttered through clenched teeth.  “Coffee…then I’ll deal with it.”  He slammed his window shut to block out the sound.  “Coffee…” he repeated as he made the journey across his room to the door. 
                                                            * * *
Freedom.  Such an overrated word.  True freedom didn’t exist in the City.  Pips knew that better than anyone.  He was out.  Standing outside the gates of The Astor.  But, he wasn’t really out.  No one ever was once they’d been incarcerated.  Too little trust was gained.  But, that didn’t really matter.  For the moment, he felt a certain sense of liberty. 
Tugging at the sleeves of his hoodie as he scanned the long stretch of road he felt a smile tug at the corners of his lips when he recognised his brother’s beatup truck heading his way.  Elliott Preston was as reliable as ever.  Like clockwork that guy was always where he needed to be. And right now, Pips was grateful that his brother was coming to get him. 
He lifted a hand in greeting as the truck came to a shuddering halt in front of him.  Elliott jumped out and grabbed him in a bone-crushing embrace.
Pips returned the embrace just as hard.  Elliott winced a little, pulling back.
“Man, you packed it on.”
Pips chuckled, low, shaking his head.  “Well, I didn’t take up knitting in there.”  His brother squeezed his bicep in response to that.
“Come on, let’s go home.” 
Pips exhaled, a rough sound as he looked toward the truck.  Home.  And freedom…not that he would ever really be free.  No one ever was in the City.  But, at least they could pretend that it was true.  

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The Maze Runner|Thomas Sangster|Face claim for Robert Douglas

I saw The Maze Runner today. I didn’t know what to expect as I have yet to read the novels. My friend has said a lot was changed in it. Also, people on Tumblr in the Maze Runner tags have complained about it. And it reminds me of why I make an active choice not to compare books and movies of books to each other, because it just ruins my enjoyment.
There is only one movie of a book that I will complain of ruining a story and that’s My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Piccoult. [Read the book and watch the movie and compare the endings; there are other changes but I don’t think they affected the plot as much as the endings…]
Anyway, The Maze Runner. I’m not good at being unbiased in reviews. But, I’ll start with one thing. I love Dystopian storylines that feature young people. I think it’s a great genre to target toward young adults because in a sense these movies [The Hunger Games, Divergent, TMR] are at the bare bone basics about identity and growing up and maturing, and that’s what’s going on in a teen and young adult’s world. I also think it’s scarily close to reality as these things could really happen. If we had the technology and nous for it.
That aside. The acting was brilliant. Dylan O’Brien [who played Thomas] was a great lead, though I have to be honest, I couldn’t take my eyes off Thomas Brodie-Sangster [who played Newt]. But, more on him soon.
The character of Thomas was many-layered. He was inquisitive, strong, caring. The friendship he struck up with Chuck was sweet. His characterisation of a young man thrown into a situation that was unknown made me think of Lord of the Flies in a way. He is Ralph. [Read Lord of the Flies, you’ll catch my drift…Chuck is to Thomas as Piggy is to Ralph].
Alby, I wanted to know more about. Though he was the leader, I didn’t really get that vibe from him. I got that more from Newt. But, again, I’ll get to him soon.
Gally [played by that guy who played Eustace in the Narnia movie]…his eyebrow game was strong…haha. He was a foil to Thomas’ character. An obstacle to Thomas’ goals. He acted the belligerent, reluctant, angry person well.
Chuck. The only thing I have to say to him is, why? Why is it always the compassionate, kind ones? And why always the chubby ones? [He had a lot of spunk and courage though].
Minho. I was watching his expressions throughout most of the movie and the way he went from disinterest, to interest, to respect of Thomas. It feels like they became close friends.
Teresa. I don’t think she was developed well enough…but that seems to be the issue with female roles that aren’t major. Though I loved how the guys all reacted to her.
Finally. Newt. Played by Thomas Brodie-Sangster. Can I just say, he totally jumped out at me. His character absolutely screams Robert Douglas [but I’ll get to that in a moment]. He was my favourite character; the quiet strength that speaks of hidden steel. He looks scrawny but that was misleading. His strength was in his character and personality. And, you could tell he could be ruthless when he needed to be.
Speaking of Thomas BS, he’s 24 apparently, and he definitely doesn’t look his age. I would never have guessed that, he looks like a teenager.
So, now I’m going to explain the Newt (TBS) Robert Douglas connection.
I don’t usually depict my original characters using actors or celebs or famous people. Not deliberately at least. But, it happens sometimes. [Jim Sturgess is Elliott Preston; Pierre Bouvier is Pips Preston; Alex O’Loughlin is Daniel McTavish.] And, now Newt [TBS] is Robert Douglas.
Robert ‘Robbie’ Douglas is a Rebel of Scotland; youngest brother of Gordon Douglas who is the Rebel King. Robbie is the only one of the Douglas brothers who isn’t dark haired. He is sometimes known as the chameleon and is the only one who was ever serious about school. Newt as portrayed by TBS is exactly how Robbie is, and I never realised it until I saw the movie. It just clicked. Couldn’t unsee it once it got stuck into my mind. [Except that Robbie’s choice of weapon is the sling, I’m sure Newt would be good with one too…]