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In God We Trust

Building community; building the Church – God’s calling in my life 
The big decisions in life can only be made in light of what God has called us to do.  Without God there is no true purpose for life and I truly believe that.  Even for people in the world who are on a journey that doesn’t intentionally include God; their lives all have a purpose in God’s ultimate plan.  
In light of this my husband and I have decided to take a step of faith and lead a small group in our home.  We’ve started Connect Group training through church and we are on a journey to help edify others in their own life travels.  
In making this decision we’ve had to pray and allow God to guide us in what we needed to do to make this work for us.  One of the biggest changes we had to decide upon was stepping away from the worship team.  Not an easy decision; choosing to follow where God leads isn’t always easy.  However, a decision that I know will be rewarding in the long term.  Still not a decision made lightly.
On my end I’ve been in the Riverview worship team for almost 9 years and all that time I’ve not had a break (except for when I was sick).  On my husband’s end he’s been in worship teams on and off since he was in his late teens, so quite some time.  Going by that, I know, God willing, that we will be back in a worship team some day; it is a huge part of who we are as followers of Christ.  But, in this season of life as a newly married couple it is time to move on to the next step.  
We’ve been looking to join a small group for quite a while now, but there really wasn’t somewhere for us to fit.  I’d been in a young adults group a few years earlier and so I know and value the need for small group community within a church such as Riverview.  It’s a large church and so easy to get lost within the crowd.  And one of the most important things in ones faith journey is that we are not meant to do it alone.  We were created for relationship:  with God and with each other.  
I hope and pray that this next step in our journey will strengthen our relationship with God, with each other and the community that we will hope to form within the larger church community.  
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30 day blog challenge – Day 3

What are your top five pet peeves?

I guess I have pet peeves, things that really annoy me.  And I guess these would rate as my top 5.
1.  Hubby leaving his rubbish lying around (but I really can’t complain as I do exactly the same thing)
2.  People who don’t pull their weight in a team situation 
3. Perth drivers 
4. People who tell me that as a Christian I’m wrong 
5. Opinionated people….but I’m opinionated too…so…
And there it is.  
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30 day blog challenge – Day 2

Day 2 – Where would you like to be in ten years?

This is a challenging question for me as I am not the type to plan in the long term.  Especially not over decades.  I would be hard pressed to say where I would like to be in a years time.  At least not specific details.  But, I guess that’s a fair point.  So, I could probably outline a general idea of where I would want to be.
I want to be content and filled with joy.  I want a healthy husband (hopefully with a new kidney and pancreas). I want to have children; however many God wishes to bless us with, biological or adopted.  Wherever His plan leads us in that regard. I want to be secure in my profession wherever and however God leads me through that.  
Scary to think that I’ll be 40 at that point and my husband almost 50… But at the same time, I’m praying that the journey will be just as exciting in ten years as it is now.  I want my marriage to be as much a joy as it is now.  And I will endeavour to ensure that I never take it for granted.  Never take Mark for granted.  
God alone knows what the future holds for us.