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Marly’s Big Topic: Love

What is love?

The age old question that so many of us want an answer to.  Especially topical considering the many debates going on in the world today about marriage equality and what are we doing to others in the world today.  The fighting over religious differences and whether we should let certain people into our country or not.  

I think for some of us it’s easier to state what love isn’t.  Love isn’t rejection.  Love isn’t hurting someone (although love can hurt).  Love isn’t ignoring someone.  Love is not apathy or hatred.  Love is not excluding someone based on race, religion, sex, gender, beliefs. 

But, what, then, is love?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines love first as a noun:

  • A strong feeling of affection
  • A great interest or pleasure in something
  • A person or thing that one loves
  • In tennis a score of zero or nil (which in this context we can rule out)
Then as a verb:
  • To feel deep affection for.
These dictionary definitions seem inadequate, though, don’t they?  For those who describe actually feeling loved, or being in love or showing love, it’s so much more than that.  So, what exactly is love?

Well, let me describe love to you in my words, based on my own experiences, through what I’ve read, watched, seen and lived.  

Love is the mother who repeated the message at church to her deaf daughter so she could “hear” it.

Love is those who come alongside the homeless of our city.

Love is the father who wants to protect his daughter from a mother who cannot.  

Love is staying by your partner’s side through sickness and uncertainty.

Love is the toddler who cares for her friends and looks to see why they are crying, even with no words available to them.

Love is a smile for a stranger even if you don’t feel like smiling.

Love is giving your time to another.

Love is the soldier who lay his life down for his country.  

Love is forgiving someone even when they don’t deserve it.

Love is sharing. Love is generosity.

Love is helping someone else despite your own need.

Love is trusting someone else with your fragile heart, knowing that you can be hurt.

Love is a kind word to another.

Love is being present.

Love is serving others with no thought of what you might gain from it.

Love is God who sent His Son to die for us on a cross.

Love is God.

Love is.

Love is an action, it is something we do.  It isn’t a feeling.  Feelings are fleeting.  True love is forever.  It is something we do for others.  And everyone needs love.  Everyone.  No exceptions.  

I know this is something that’s difficult to fathom, especially if we think of some of the people in this world.  Those who have perpetrated awful crimes on others.  But, think of it in the light of love.  

Put on glasses of love and you will see that they turned out that way because their own perspective of love was distorted, corrupted and they need love as much as we all do.  Even if that means we forgive them for what they did….or not push or argue that they should have the death penalty.  That would be loving them.  

A hard concept, I know, but I think one of the reasons I personally do not agree with the death penalty.  

Anyway, I sort of digressed from what I was talking about?  Or perhaps not.  Maybe the point I’m making here now is that to love is not always the easy response.  And perhaps that’s why we always turn to other responses and reactions first.  We fear that we do not know.   And out of fear we react in negative ways.  But, love is the proper reaction.   It is what we are meant to do.   

There is no fear in love. Perfect love drives out fear, as fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love. 1 John 4:18.

So, then, this is what love is.

Love is a verb.  

Love the people around you.  Start with the people in your immediate surroundings.  Your home, your workplace, your shopping centre, your frequent haunts.  Sometimes that’s enough.  Because your one act of love in one place can impact many so that they in turn can love those in their own world.  

Start a love revolution.



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My Story

Why do I follow Jesus?
I follow Jesus because He is my life.  He is my Lord and Saviour and He gives me strength and courage to do life.  I know He is always there for me, even when people aren’t.

When did I start to follow Him?
I don’t really have an exact time that I can definitely pin down.  For me it’s an ongoing journey.  I’m sure there was a point that I decided for myself that He is real and for me, but Jesus has always been a part of my life.

What have I done, as a result of following Him, lately?

Lately, I find myself being challenged to serve in my everyday.  At work especially.  I work in childcare and it is so easy to get frustrated and to want to just walk away, but setting my heart on Jesus helps to centre me, and remind me that life is not all about me.  And that He is bigger than all my cares and worries.

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The word that strikes fear in many a person’s heart.  It seems such an uncomplicated word, yet it holds a huge amount of responsibility. 

There are so many things we must commit to in our lives.  From the mundane everyday things to the big commitments that come our way.  We have to commit to the decisions we make; to our jobs; to the people in our lives.  It’s a crazy thing, commitment.

These thoughts circle my mind as I think of my faith journey.  Early this season of Lent, I made a decision to commit my thoughts and time to God and hence give up something that was taking me away from Him.  However, I now realise that I don’t need to do that so restrictively to keep my focus on Him. 

I think I am safe, with God’s approval, to relax a little.  God knows that my heart will ever be for Him. 

My commitment to God is a lifelong decision I’ve made.  It may ebb and flow with the tides of life, but, nothing else really matters.  I love, Jesus, God, more than any other and He will always be First for me. 

My appreciation and commitment as a fan of my favourite band is something that helps me enjoy moments in my life.  And, really, in the long run, all music comes from God.

(Except maybe death metal….)

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Sunday’s. The Lord’s Day

This is the day
This is the day
That the Lord has made
That the Lord has made

We will rejoice
We will rejoice
And be glad in it
And be glad in it

For this is the day
That the Lord has made
And we will rejoice
And be glad in it

This is the day
This is the day
That the Lord has made.

I love when there are baby dedications at church.  It really makes me have more faith when parents want to dedicate their children to God.  I think it is so important that a child is brought up in the church.  I am also an advocate of choice.  Once the child is old enough they should be enabled to make their own decisions about their faith and beliefs. 

For me, growing up in churches has really enriched my life and opened my eyes to the importance of a servant heart and that life isn’t just about me. 

Sometimes, I wonder what my life may have become if I hadn’t grown in the church.  And, it’s hard to fathom.  It has been a defining part of my life and I think I’d be a completely different person.  And in fact, that makes sense.  Being a Christian means dying to oneself and taking up the cross of Christ.  It’s not an easy journey.  It can be exhausting.  But, the wonder of how awesome God is makes it entirely worth it in the long run.

And this is what I want to impart to any child I may have.  Of course that’s a future prospect as I have no children, yet.  I have no husband yet, either. 

My parents keep trying to get me to look for someone.  I mean sure, I turn 30 next year but marriage isn’t the ultimate goal of life.  Yes, God has created us for relationship and marriage is a good thing, but marriage isn’t something to strive for.  Relationship with God through Jesus is. 

Of course, I want to get married one day.  And I want children. I admit I’m getting clucky, and my biological clock is ticking.  However, I’m first concentrating on refocusing my heart on Jesus and serving from a position of humility and love.