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My Story

Why do I follow Jesus?
I follow Jesus because He is my life.  He is my Lord and Saviour and He gives me strength and courage to do life.  I know He is always there for me, even when people aren’t.

When did I start to follow Him?
I don’t really have an exact time that I can definitely pin down.  For me it’s an ongoing journey.  I’m sure there was a point that I decided for myself that He is real and for me, but Jesus has always been a part of my life.

What have I done, as a result of following Him, lately?

Lately, I find myself being challenged to serve in my everyday.  At work especially.  I work in childcare and it is so easy to get frustrated and to want to just walk away, but setting my heart on Jesus helps to centre me, and remind me that life is not all about me.  And that He is bigger than all my cares and worries.

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