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Pro Sports and me.

The first time I went to a professional game of sport that I can remember, it was actually basketball.  The Townsville Suns.  Funny story, they had to change their name to the Crocodiles because the Phoenix Suns in the US were going to sue them for being called the Suns.  Which in some ways helped their brand.  The name change that is.  The Swamp is now well known in the Aussie Basketball lexicon and I couldn’t imagine them being known as any other team.  In fact, I wrote about ‘the Swamp’ in one of my Simple Plan fanfics. 
I can still picture the Swamp, or more formally, the Townsville Entertainment Centre.  We used to have our school Presentation nights there.  I think my year was the last year to have it there, and then they moved it to the Civic Theatre.  Smaller venue.  But, anyway, the Townsville Entertainment Centre was a big part of my life…what with going to the basketball quite a few times.  Funny, I think I’ve been to more Basketball games than AFL games.  The atmosphere was always electric, and the actual game? Fast paced and exciting.  And we had some good players on our team.  Rob Rose, Brad Davidson, Derek Rucker, Sam Mackinnon, Peter Crawford just to name a few. 
It’s funny, I talk about how I’m not interested in basketball so much, but I always ask my NBL loving fans how the Crocs are doing.  It’s not the same level of interest that I have for the NRL.  I still have a very soft spot for the NQ Cowboys.  But, I guess what it boils down to is anything Townsville related gets my heart pounding.  I miss Townsville, I guess.  I’d live there in a heartbeat.  If there was the perfect job for me.

There, I said it.  I would move back to the Ville if there was suitable work for me there.  But, since It’s kind of a small city, that’s highly unlikely to happen.  But, I can still dream, right?

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