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Another Weekend, Another Week

So, I’ve been at my new job for four weeks.  I still haven’t stopped listening to A7X’s Nightmare, and I’ve been writing like a beast.  I’m just going to write down random thoughts as they come.  Well, not quite random because I kind of already know what I’m going to write.  But, anyway.

1.  Collingwood will finish top of the ladder this season.  Eddie McGuire reckons they should win a cash reward because it’ll be the first time in a very long time [33 years] that they’ve ended a season at the top.

2.  Simple Plan are slowly slogging away in the studio.  I am really hoping that You Suck At Love will be their first single, I am really hankering for some Simple Plan-age.  It’s been far too long between hiccups.  I sill believe that Still Not Getting Any was their best album.  But, as always that’s subjective and is only my opinion.

3.  I have a feeling we might be on the way to recording a new worship album at Church.  The number of new songs written by our very own worshippers have been sung lately.  Also, I think the purple and black and white for the choir looks great.

4.  Someone asked a very curly, yet interesting question at Bible class last Thursday.  If the Old Testament stories and prophesies all point to Jesus, why then do the majority of Jews not believe He is the Messiah? One of the answers is in the Bible, I can’t remember the verse, but it basically states that God hardened their hearts so that the Gentiles [that is the rest of the world] can get to know Jesus.  I thought that was a very good point to make, and I now actually find myself compelled to read the Old Testament more, and not avoid the lessons that can be learned from it.

5.  The bus runs have been reorganised at work.  The Year six and seven boys at one school really annoy me, but at the same time are easy to get along with.  A new girl will be starting this week, and apparently she has experience with accreditation, which happens in October…fun stuff.  I’ve also finally got my key-tag.

6.  Victim is officially my favourite song off Nightmare.  And yes, the whole album is still EPIC.

7.  I think my writing has improved.

8.  Work at STAWA is still the same.  It’s going to be mad this week, probably, what with another mailout and entries for a science awards thing coming in.  Should be fun.  Sort of.  I’m going to try and motivate myself to get to work sooner, though.  9 AM at the earliest, 9.30 AM at the latest.

9.  Next weekend I’m going to motivate myself to help Mum with the MYOB stuff, considering I’m the one who did the course.  And I actually found it sort of gratifying helping Mum with it today.

10.  I thought of a new story idea, which at the moment I’ve turned into an A7X fic.  But, I could so easily turn it into an original idea.  We’ll see though.  Maybe I could use the characters from my other original fics?

11.  I voted yesterday.  Liberal.  It’s a hung parliament, though, so we probably won’t know until the middle of the week who will be Prime Minister.  Guess Julia Gillard gets to be PM for a few more days.

So, that’s it for tonight.  I’ll leave you with this final thought.

As humanity broke relationship with God, we then became relationally broken.  This is why in life we struggle with relationships.  To fix this, we first need to heal our relationship with God, and then the ones we have with those we love will be easier to heal. – paraphrase of Haydn Nelson’s message 21 August 2010.

One thought on “Another Weekend, Another Week

  1. point #4: ive heard there is a particularly prophetic passage in isaiah that Jews will not read in the synagogue. their refusal to see has resulted in the rejection of the most obvious indications.

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