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This week and the previous one…

So a few things have happened over the past few weeks that I would like to recap:

  1. I’ve finished two gratifying weeks at the OSHC centre and am looking forward to more good days.  The other two women in the room are great.  I feel welcomed by them and the kids.  For some reason I’ve managed to click with quite a few of the kids.  And apparently I’ve become liked by most them quite quickly.  Apparently, I’m also pretty good at remembering names.  I’m still waiting for my personal key-tag and I don’t get my pay for the fortnight until Tuesday.  But that’s all good.
  2. I might not need Centrelink payment very soon… if I have six times at getting $0 from them then the allowance is cancelled.
  3. I’ve come to the realisation that I actually look forward to going to work in the afternoons.
  4. We’re learning ‘Our God’ for Church this coming Tuesday night.  God must’ve put the song in my heart…because I’ve already listened to it too many times to count.
  5. Bible class has been eye-opening so far.  I’ve never had the chance to sit down and look at The Bible as a whole book.  It’s extremely interesting, but at the same time helps to inform my faith.
  6. I honestly cannot understand why people reject or hate or refuse to believe in any form of religion.  I guess it may have to do with the negative things some religions have been associated with.  In a way, I’m not exactly an advocate of strict religion.  I’m a little jaded with traditional Presbyterian-ism.  Guess that’s why Riverview is my home Church and not the WPC that my Mum goes to.
  7. I do respect what other people believe and I hope I do not come across as forceful when I’m trying to discuss my own beliefs…
  8. forums are my second home for religious discussions and the like…
  9. I’m still listening to Nightmare the album.  I have it in my car and I can listen to the whole album in a day while driving to and from my two jobs.  However, at home and on my iPod I tend to listen mostly to Victim, Tonight the World Dies and Fiction.  
  10. The only other music I’ve been listening to with any regularity is Simple Plan’s Perfect World, The Eagles’ Hole in the World, Hillsong’s The One Who Saves and Chris Tomlin’s Our God.
And that’s all for tonight, heading off to an early night… got a lergy…need to sleep.  

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