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Books I Read This Year


These are the books that I read this year. I challenged myself at the beginning of the year to read 12 books. Looks like I surpassed that challenge and some.

1. Dane Swan: My Story [11.01.2017 – 20.01.2017]

Loved this look into one of my favourite AFL footballers life in his own words.

2. The Hunchback of Notre Dame – Victor Hugo [20.01.2017 – 1.04.2017]

It was an accomplishment to finish this tome. It took me almost three months to finish…it was even harder to read than Les Mis. But, the story was moving and powerful. And I won’t ever view the Disney animated film the same way again.

3. Did God Really Command Genocide – Paul Copan & Matthew Flannagan [7.04.2017 – 23.04.2017]

A book on a tough subject brought up when people read the Bible. And it’s not just hard for non-believers. Believers also find it difficult to reconcile the violence in the Old Testament with a God who is love.

4. The Beast – JR Ward [1.05.20179.05.2017]

This book is set in my favourite vampire series, The Black Dagger Brotherhood series. This particular book, a story centred around Rhage and Mary, was heart wrenching for me, the family dynamics in it spoke to me on a deeper level.

5. The Girl on the Train – Paula Hawkins [29.05.2017-2.06.2017]

I want to watch the film. Enough said.

6. Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn [2.06.2017-5.06.2017]

This book…the twists…the characters… the unreliability of both the main characters…wow.

Loved the movie too. Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike played the roles to perfection.

7. Snow, Fire, Sword – Sophie Masson [5.06.2017-12.06.2017]

A fantasy tale that to be honest I don’t remember much of, but I do know it was a good read. Sometimes it’s good to read something just to enjoy and not necessarily remember.

8. Is God a Moral Monster – Paul Copan [30.06.2017-1.07.2017]

Is God a Moral Monster? No. But, hey don’t let me try and convince you of that.

9. Frankenstein – Mary Shelley [13.06.2017-14.06.2017]

This was an intriguing read. A commentary on the dangers of playing god.

10. When the Night Comes – Favel Parrett [16.06.2017-26.06.2017]

A moving read with no real plot direction. Worth reading though. The characters were well written and the prose kept you present with them.

11. i am n: Inspiring Stories of Christians Facing Islamic Extremists – the voice of the martyrs [2.07.2017-3.07.1017]

Christians in the western world have it easy. The worst that might happen to us is people calling us bigots. But these stories of Christians in Islamic countries…powerful, heartbreaking, gutwrenching, moving…proving the power of Christ in the lives of those He has saved.

12. To Everyone an Answer: A Case for the Christian Worldview [4.07.2017-9.07.2017]

A set of essays on Christianity. Basically what it says. A good read to affirm my faith.

13. The Word Exchange – Alena Graedon [10.07.2017-11.07.2017]

It took me several times to start reading this book, but once I did…it only took me a day to read. Hard to explain what the book is about but technology is superseding the written word… and something more nefarious is happening as well.

14. The Circle Quartet – Ted Dekker [26.08.2017-21.09.2017]

Christian allegory. Strong Christian allegory. Well done. Powerful.

15. The Signature of All Things – Elizabeth Gilbert [20.07.2017-31.07.2017]

A woman who was encouraged to study science and use her mind in a time when it was usually frowned upon. I love how some real history is threaded through the fiction. Oh…and she made me fall in love with mosses…almost.

16. The Dead Sea Scrolls in English – G. Vermes [1.08.2017- 14.08.2017]

A difficult but fascinating read from the writings of a person known only as the Teacher. A look into the highly secretive sect of Jews called the Essenes. Commentaries on some Old Testament texts as well as other non-biblical writings.

17. Girt – David Hunt [15.08.2017-18.08.2017]

Australian history with a difference. A good laugh.

18. Blood Vow – JR Ward [19.08.2017-21.08.2017]

My favourite vampires again

19. No Little Women – Aimee Byrd [25.09.2017-29.09.2017]

This book ended up opening up more questions to me, and affirmed some of my thoughts about women in leadership…

20. Keeping Faith – Jodi Piccoult [1.10.2017-14.10.2017]

A young girl appears to see God; everyone and their mother wants a piece of her…the mother is trying to do the right thing, the father wants custody, and there is a Tele-atheist.

21. What If? – Randal Munroe [15.10.2017-16.10.2017]

A series of the most random questions answered by science. Bit of fun and great for my scientific mind.

22. The Chosen – JR Ward [19.10.2017-22.10.2017]

This book made me cry. The reveals in this…the relationships, the love that permeates the whole book. The real, raw moments. Just everything.

23. Cloudstreet – Tim Winton [22.10.2017-26.10.2017]

I watched the mini-series several years ago and have only just gotten around to reading the book this year, and what a story it is. I can’t really describe it. It’s Tim Winton, so just read it for yourself.

24. Where Song Began – Tim Low [27.10.2017-30.10.2017]

For those who love birds and Australia a great read on the history of birds and bird song.

25. Handle With Care – Jodi Piccoult [30.10.2017-4.11.1017]

The ending of this book…what in the world?

26. On the Java Ridge – Jack Serong [7.11.2017-15.11.2017]

Two boats. One with illegal immigrants. One with Aussie surfers. A hardline border policy. And a politician who is spiraling out of control.The scary thing about this story is that it is hypothetically possible…and considering the current situation on Manus Island…Well, read this tale and take it as a caution. And so there it is. The 26 books that I’ve finished up to this day.

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