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July Blogging Challenge – Word a Day

Day 29 – Surprise

 I’m going to list the top ten surprising things/surprises that happened in my life. (In no particular order)

1. Surprise birthday party for my 17th
2. Surprise birthday party for my 22nd
3. Being invited as a plus one to meet Simple Plan after the Perth gig
4. Being accused of doing something wrong at work in 2014
5. Falling in love in just under a month..
6. Finding out that people actually pay attention to me and think I’m cool.
7. The fact that I actually like wearing dresses
8. Mark’s proposal at karaoke 😀 (surprising but just right)
9. The fact that I want children so badly
10. Figuring out a top ten is hard! 
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July Blogging Challenge – Word a Day

Day 28 – Young

When I was young I wanted to be a vet, an animal doctor.  It was something I really truely wanted for as long as I can remember.  
I loved animals, I would talk about them all the time.  I would read every book I could get my hands on about the animal kingdom and then tell anyone who was willing to listen.   I think I was the annoying kid who wouldn’t shut up about something she thought she was an expert on.  I could tell you random facts that you didn’t really care about.  I cared, though.  
I still love animals today, and I think that’s one of the reasons why I gave up on the idea of becoming a vet.  I don’t think I could handle the not so pleasant side of the profession.  I was enough of a mess after Mischka and Roxie were put down… And I fall in love too easily with animals.  
I think my favourite animal changes depending on my mood.  But, from when I was young cats, dogs and horses were always top of the list.  Followed closely by big cats.  
Young animals are cute, by the way.  So, very cute, and it’s interesting how we respond to the adorability of baby animals.  The big eyes, the little cries.  The fluffy fur/feathers.  Everything that seems to tug at the “motherly” instincts even in us humans.  
Another thought on being young, it’s a choice.  I choose to feel young.  I choose to not allow my age to dictate how I think and feel about my life.  As the saying goes, “you’re as young as you feel.”  
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July Blogging Challenge – Word a Day

Day 27 – Climb

Today I’m going to write around the word ‘climb’.  Actually, I’m sitting in the staff room at work, and what comes to mind is the low surfaces in all the rooms here.  Especially in the babies’ room.  The children in my room are at the age where they want to just climb on everything.  The amount of times I and my colleagues have had to say “feet on the floor” seems excessive.  But, they are just exploring their world.  
Climbing is a natural inclination for many of us.  We want to see the world from a different vantage point, or we want to rise to the next level of our lives.  So, climbing can be physical or metaphorical.  We speak of the corporate ladder, so going from worker grunt to CEO.  Or we speak of climbing the mountains of our lives.  Reaching the pinnacle.  Many mountains are more like mole hills, however we want to traverse all sorts.  
For me, climbing isn’t really the focus of my life.  I like to be grounded and not have my head in the clouds so much.  I think my life generally travels along a flat plane with valleys and hills along the way.  And all that way I walk with God.  
Interesting that of late my blogging and journaling keeps returning to my faith in God.  Well, a lot of the time.  
If I want to face a challenge I always place it at the Cross first.  I need that strength and peace that only God can give me to get through life.  Challenges will come and they will stretch and grow me.  However, I do not need to fear for my God will go before me.  I think of Moses who climbed Mt Sinai and received the Ten Commandments from God.  A worthwhile trek to make.  I thank God for His Commandments and for His love.  Because of Him, no mountain is ever too high to climb.
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July Blogging Challenge – Word a Day

Day 26 – Unbelievable 

For today’s word I’m going to write an extended list of many of the things that make me go “are you for real?”  All those things that make me shake my head and wonder about the world.  I’m also going to attempt to do this without even mentioning the word. 
First off, a caveat.  These are my views alone and if you do not agree with them, that is fine.  This is who I am and what I think.  
Anyway, let’s start with something light to begin with. 
1.  I don’t get people who don’t like or listen to music 
Perhaps not such a light subject.  For me, music is almost as important as my faith.  In fact, music is a big part of my faith.  Music is how I open myself to God.  Perhaps not theologically sound, but on the other hand there is a lot of song and poetry in the Bible and many exhortations for us to worship God through song.  And I become more open to receiving God’s Word when music is in the mix.  
Putting aside the whole faith thing, music and sound is prevalent throughout society, so much so that it boggles the mind that there are people out there who can’t or don’t appreciate it.  The rhythms of life are so embedded within us…even our heartbeats are regular.  So, I find it inconceivable that music is not important to everyone.  But, there it is.
2. The amount of talent there is in the world

The world is an amazing place.  There is so much potential and talent and sometimes it boggles the mind.  You would think that eventually all the wells of creativity would be tapped and used up.  However, there is always another new artist or musician or invention just around the corner and perhaps that’s what is best about the human race.  
But, will there one day come a time where we cannot create something new?  Or have we already reached that point?  Are we now only improving on older ideas and not creating brand new never before seen ideas?  I know that fashions get recycled as does musical styles. (Look at the fact that Blink-182, GC and Simple Plan are releasing music this year and sound like they did back in the day.). However, as innovative as humans are…will it end some day?
3. Political Correctness and the way media does not help our perception

So, political correctness.  It has become a dirty word…a dirty phrase.  And I dislike it to the point that I will always make a point of it when I notice it.  I understand that we (society) does not want to marginalise or discriminate or offend others.  However, there comes a point when the PC police go just a tad too far.  

There is one thing I need to point out, though.  The media feeds the frenzy of “OMG they can’t make us say/not say that!”  Case in point:
Recently in the news a private girl school was all over the media as supposedly they were banning them from using female gendered pronouns.  It was all over the news and caused an outpouring of outrage on social media (I admit to joining that…).  However, after watching Media Watch last night it became apparent that it wasn’t true.  It was based on spurious sources.  Which the media ate up as they always do.  
Though the fact that we believed the story initially is because of how politically correct our society has become. The same outrage is shown when we are told we can’t sing Baa baa black Sheep, or call the character in The Far Away Tree by his name, Moon Face.  Or that Big Ears is not PC… I could go on.  
Or even to the point where we shouldn’t share about our beliefs because it’s not PC to do so.  Considering my faith is one that is meant to be shared…well, that flies against everything I stand for.
4. People who don’t believe in a higher power

Now this one is a little deeper and more profound.  I do not understand how others can look out at the world around us, the nature, the beauty, and not believe that there is something else out there.  And I mean a higher power, not whether there is life out in space as I am content to agree that there probably is life elsewhere in our universe.  That view doesn’t negate the existence or non-existence of a deity who is outside our universe. 
For me, it makes absolute sense that God exists.  And that He is the first cause of everything.  God is.  That’s all there is to it.  That’s my belief.  
It’s something I find hard to reconcile, that there are those who believe that our lives now are all there is.  I mean…I do understand on some levels, but on others, well, let’s just say I find it confusing.  However, I do accept that everyone has different views and as much as I would love for everyone to believe similar to me, I know that isn’t feasible and even the Bible says that won’t be the case.  
5. Judgemental people

Just stop.  No one is perfect, not even you.  
6. God’s love for us 

John 3:16-17 says it all, no other words need to be spoken.  
There may be other thoughts there, but I think this is long enough to reading.  

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July Blogging Challenge – Word a Day

Day 25 – Gather

Gather, to gather… It’s a grouping word.  Right?  I think it’s important to get likeminded people together at times so they can bounce off each other.  So, that they can talk and be themselves.  That’s how I work at least.  When I’m amongst people I am comfortable with I come out of my little introvert shell and you cannot shut me up.  However, put me in a room filled with people that I have no connection to?  I become reserved and quiet.  
The term “gathering” invokes in me an image of a large group of people, though it can mean small groups too.  I prefer the smaller type, though as I feel safer in small groups.  However, by the same token, a large group is easier to hide in.   I like to observe others in larger crowds; people-watching can be fun.  The different personalities in a room can liven the atmosphere.  
I’m not really sure what I’m trying to get at in this post, just writing what springs to mind, I guess.
Gather can also mean to draw together, I guess that’s why they call it gathering flowers, hey?  But yes, back to the groups of people, particular events can be the reason people are drawn together.  
Parties, concerts, other life events.  All my family and friends gathered for my wedding; friends gathered at my bestie’s for her housewarming.  Events such as these mark special moments in life.  And then there are spontaneous gatherings such as those that form when people are playing Pokemon Go around Perth… Someone found a Pikachu! 

Speaking of Pokemon Go…I haven’t downloaded it and I want either…I have this game to play instead…
Yes, that’s Pokemon White, Version 2.  Who needs Pokemon Go when you have a 3DS?  I’m “old school”.  Haha.  Whatever that means.  I am 30…. Three months until I turn 31.  Scary.  And I still play Pokemon.  Go figure.  Still, not surprising.  The majority of Pokemon Go players are in the 20s to 30s anyway…so I’m in good company.  Haha.  So, gather away.  
One of the best gatherings though is that of the Church.  I went to church yesterday, on my lonesome. Hubby was sleeping.  The message was on point (Life may hurt, but God will use it to bring about His purposes in our lives) and worship…wow.  It was what I needed to remind me of God’s providence and that He is central to everything in my life.  Some beautiful songs of praise and worship are coming out of the Riverview Worship Team.  Your Love and Deeper are so uplifting and covered by God’s grace.  Awesome.
I leave you with these lyrics from Deeper 

‘Your love is taking me deeper,
Your love is pulling me closer…’
‘Deeper’ by Riverview Worship.
Hear more here:

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July Blogging Challenge – Word a Day

Day 23 – Alone

I’m never really alone.  Ever.  Even in the loneliest of times I remember that I have God on my side and that’s an amazing truth to me.  However, there have been times when I have felt terribly alone.  When I lost my job in 2014.  When my husband is in hospital.  Those are the times I felt the most alone.  But, here’s the rub, being around people does not cure the feeling of being alone.  You can feel alone even in a room filled with people.
Aloneness is not dependent on how many people there are or are not in a room.  It’s actually a state of being.  If you have nothing in common with the people in the room, then you can feel just as alone.  If you have no connection then you might as well be an island in the middle of a grand ocean.  And I think that’s why that having the knowledge that I belong to a loving God works to chase away that sense of loneliness.  God has promised to always be with me even through the deep valleys of my life. And that is a promise I cling to and give thanks for every day.
Day 24 – Summer

I am going to do a fictional vignette for this word.  But, before I do, let’s just say that I wish it was summer right now.  I am so over winter.  Anyway, without further ado, here’s EP (Evil Pierre Bouvier… :P) with his thoughts…they may just be illuminating.


We met in the warmer months leading up to the Australian summer.  At a bar in Queensland.  I’d left the rest of the guys back at the hotel and found myself in a bar near to the venue.  She was sitting at the bar, very much alone.  Later on, she told me that her friends had walked out on her for some reason I can’t remember (she would tell you that is was me who was the one alone…but this is how I remember it).  That pissed me off, no end.  Anything could’ve happened to her…
I guess I happened to her.  But, that’s not a bad thing, though if you knew our past since that meeting…well, perhaps you’d beg to differ.  But, anyway…
She was there.  And something made me walk up and sit by her side.  The way her eyes widened as I came into her line of sight…let’s just say my jeans felt a bit tight after that…
She was a fan of the band…was wearing one of our tour shirts.  She also mentioned going to the gig.  I’m not really sure if any of that registered, though as I was more interested in checking her out.  I knew, even then, that I wanted her.  You know exactly what I mean.  I wanted to feel her skin against mine, to taste her…to touch her, to get inside her.  And I’d just met the chick… 
I still have no explanation as to why or how any of this was possible.  Soul mate is not a term I ascribe to, though Pierre says that’s exactly what it was.  Our souls (all our soul…Pierre….me…) were connected by slender threads of our auras in inexplicable ways.  
Too esoteric perhaps?  
Anyway, that night…I took charge.  Invited her back to my room.  She was reluctant…so I made her promise to keep in touch.  We traded numbers and emails… Best decision I’d ever made…
Fast forward a year.  Another gig.  Different country.  Different city.  I got Pat to be the go-between and he executed my plan perfectly.  VIP backstage pass, Pat brought her backstage to meet the band and then I asked her out to dinner.   Those luminous eyes were once again wide open, taking me in, taking the dining experience in…taking everything in.  
And I waited for the right moment…
Sometimes I wonder if I pushed too hard that first night.  Sometimes, I even feel some guilt.  But, from all indications, she was into it.  And today she would tell me that I gave her exactly what she needed, even though she hadn’t realised she even needed it until that point.  I guess it’s not easy to come to the conclusion that you’re of a particular personality type, especially when it comes to something as intimate as your sex life…and your whole being… But, she’s submissive in the bedroom, and that fuels the Dominant in me… 
It’s taken many years for us to be truly comfortable in our roles, and fully trusting to each other.  It’s why she spent so many years with Pierre, and the others, and not with me.  I broke a lot of trust in the early years…was a horrible person…and I still can be…but, I check myself now.  I don’t want to be that controlling SOB that I was when I was younger… 
Being so in the confines of our home…when she needs to be in her sub space?  That’s a different matter.  I’ll be whatever she needs me to be.  Friend, mate, lover, Dom… 
It is something I struggle with, though…not abusing my position.  It is not in my nature to go easy on her…it is not in my nature to concede my authority… But, I love her…and I don’t want to push her away like I did in that past…so, I’m learning compromise.  Pierre says I’m getting better at it…but, he’s always there in the background.  
Just in case.  

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July Blogging Challenge – Word a Day

Day 22 – Understand 

Thought I would touch on something that seems to confound some people.  How I can be both a fully committed follower of Christ and still hold strong views of scientific Theories.  
This is how.  God is all powerful.  The Bible is His Word.  Some of the Bible is meant to read at face value and some not.  The Bible is not a scientific text.  
If we look at the history of the Bible we can see that the Creation accounts should probably be read as allegorical.  They appear to borrow elements from more ancient creation accounts (Dobson, 2005) and were a way for people in biblical times to make sense of a world where science as a discipline didn’t exist.  And in many ways, the actual point of the Creation story was to explain why God Created, not how.  Not in the scientific sense.  Therefore, it doesn’t negate the possibility of God using the mechanisms of the world He Created to cause life to expand on the earth.  
The Big Bang Theory (an unfortunate moniker as it wasn’t an explosion in the literal sense) is another one that seems to stump people; however is one that most Christian’s accept now as we all believe that there was a definite beginning (Genesis 1:1).  It’s what was before that beginning which is debated by science, but not by Christians.  For us, God was and is.  
I find it fascinating that when I talk of people who don’t understand where I’m coming from, I get confusion from both believers and non-believers.  I even found myself defending evolution against an atheist…strange,  I guess that just proves there are sceptics of all types.  
There is something else that is often misunderstood about where I’m coming from.  Science and faith are not mutually exclusive.  The pursuit of science in some ways was due to “religious” people being in awe of the natural world and wanting to know how the world works. That’s pure science.  Little children “understand” that. They may not realise, but they are constantly engaging in science.  
In this way, science can’t possibly be contrary to faith.  My belief in God doesn’t mean that I will suspend logic and reality.  Because my faith is a relationship with a person, and that person happens to be Jesus.  You can’t have a relationship with science.  Science is something that you do.

So, in conclusion.  I am happy to debate both sides, for faith and science.  I’ve experienced all the verbal jousting possible when it comes to both.  
I’ve had people tell me I can’t possibly be a Christian because I “believe” in evolution.  And I’ve had people ask me how I can be a Christian even though I’ve studied science and taken it seriously.  Or the flip side.  It’s all part and parcel of who I am.  Some of my views on other articles of faith are also maybe a little different to others, but…hey, I believe in the main doctrines so that’s all that counts, right?  And that I say that Jesus is my Lord and Saviour.
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July Blogging Challenge- Word a Day

Day 21 – Moment

I’ve just arrived at work and decided to take a moment for myself in the prep room.  Sometimes, it’s a good thing to do as the chaos of a day can be overwhelming.  Though, the chaos doesn’t usually happen at the beginning of the day, but apparently I’ve just walked into chaos.  There’s going to be twenty-fiv children in the older kids room today and they have the visit from the nursing home today.  
As a blessing, we only have six in the babies room today, so I’m looking forward to a bit of peace in that regard. But, right now I want to take a moment to consider what will happen tonight at home.   We are going to have our second Connect tonight and I’m praying that God will move as I know He always has done in the past.  
I know it is early days, but I am trusting God to draw people close who we need in our lives and who, perhaps, need us in their lives.  It is a challenge that I am excited to step into.  After the initial disappointment I realised that I have to stop trying to do things off my own back.  God has got us in this as He has had our backs in everything.  I can only bring to the table what I have in my hands and then let God do the rest.
A shorter post today, but, I think I’ve said all that’s needed.  
God bless. 
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July Blogging Challenge – Word a Day

Day 20 – Guess

Guess who I am?

I was born on 9th of May 1979 
I have dark hair and eyes 
I sing in a band
I have a sleeve tattoo 
I have two daughters

Have you guessed?

That’s right.  I am Pierre Charles Bouvier, lead singer of Simple Plan.

Who remembers making up guess who questions?  I did it in primary school, made them up about myself for class.  But, today I want to talk about Mr Bouvier.  
I have Simple Plan on my mind at the moment because they will be in Australia in September.  Just the thought of them being in the same country makes me smile, even if I won’t get to see them perform. But, today I want to focus on the lead vocalist. 
Pierre.  What can I possibly say about him that hasn’t already been said?  
Having met him in person I can say with all honesty that I no longer need to guess what his personality is.  He is a humble man who cares very much for the band and the fans.  He’s got a sense of humour that I totally get and he has an infectious smile.  
His vocals are raw but so good.  I can pick him from anywhere.  
Meeting him the first time will forever be a favourite memory.  
And I think he’s an awesome father.  At least from what he’s shared on social media. 
Oh, and he’s a dog lover after my own heart.  I still remember when he first got Delilah. 

Oh how time flies and my appreciation for this man as a singer and an all round humble guy? Hasn’t changed one iota.