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July Blogging Challenge – Word a Day

Day 20 – Guess

Guess who I am?

I was born on 9th of May 1979 
I have dark hair and eyes 
I sing in a band
I have a sleeve tattoo 
I have two daughters

Have you guessed?

That’s right.  I am Pierre Charles Bouvier, lead singer of Simple Plan.

Who remembers making up guess who questions?  I did it in primary school, made them up about myself for class.  But, today I want to talk about Mr Bouvier.  
I have Simple Plan on my mind at the moment because they will be in Australia in September.  Just the thought of them being in the same country makes me smile, even if I won’t get to see them perform. But, today I want to focus on the lead vocalist. 
Pierre.  What can I possibly say about him that hasn’t already been said?  
Having met him in person I can say with all honesty that I no longer need to guess what his personality is.  He is a humble man who cares very much for the band and the fans.  He’s got a sense of humour that I totally get and he has an infectious smile.  
His vocals are raw but so good.  I can pick him from anywhere.  
Meeting him the first time will forever be a favourite memory.  
And I think he’s an awesome father.  At least from what he’s shared on social media. 
Oh, and he’s a dog lover after my own heart.  I still remember when he first got Delilah. 

Oh how time flies and my appreciation for this man as a singer and an all round humble guy? Hasn’t changed one iota.