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DNA – Backstreet’s Back!

After twenty-five years this “boy” band does not disappoint. From the first note of Don’t Go Breaking My Heart to the final ring of Ok this album DNA gives me hope for the year to come. At least for the music landscape as a whole.

I must admit, I haven’t been a fan of the Backstreet Boys for as long as they’ve existed. Twenty-five years ago in 1994, I was nine years old and still listening to the music my parents listened to and hadn’t formed my own personal musical tastes as such. It wasn’t until BSB’s album Millennium was released that they really came into my radar. But, that cemented them in my mind if not quite my heart.

Every release since, I’ve waited with some anticipation for each one. But, it wasn’t until In a World Like This that I fully realised my love for this group. And now as DNA is released to the world, I reflect on the impact this group has made on my music journey as a whole.

But, before I get to that, my thoughts on the twelve tracks on this album.

  1. Don’t Go Breaking My Heart – When they released this track in the middle of 2018, I was so excited and ready for new BSB music. Though I didn’t love the song straight away, I do enjoy its strong beats and their dance moves in the music video.
  2. Nobody Else – it took a second listen of this track for me to appreciate what was being said in the song as the electronic tones jarred for me a little. But, when I concentrate on the harmonies and the lyrics, it speaks to me so profoundly.
  3. Breathe – one of my favourites on the album. BSB a capella will always be great as it showcases their harmonies so well.
  4. New Love – the subject matter of this song jarred with my sensibilities for a moment, but, it has a fun beat and a great tone to it. A good song to play in a club
  5. Passionate – this is such a catchy song, it makes me want to get up and dance, makes me feel so passionate too. Haha
  6. Is It Just Me – a more mellow track, still with a good dance beat
  7. Chances – This song. My heart. Enough said.
  8. No Place – I love the video the boys released with this song, a glimpse into their family lives. And importantly a singable chorus.
  9. Chateau – I love the simple opening with just the single vocals and keyboard chords. Then leading into the vocal harmonies. Beautiful.
  10. The Way it Was – I could imagine the boys singing this like old time crooners Jersey Boys style.
  11. Just Like You Like It – It feels like one of their songs from the Never Gone era.
  12. Ok – This song really concentrates on their harmonies and simple musical stylings with guitar and beats. And a beautiful way to round off the album

I love this album, I love how I can listen to every single track without skipping a song. It makes me think of another band that I can do that with. Simple Plan. Yes, I can’t not mention my all time favourite band, ever. Because, I think in a weird roundabout way, if I wasn’t so into 90’s pop music (of which BSB is the unofficial ambassador) when I was a tween/teenager I wouldn’t have been drawn to the pop tones of Simple Plan. And yes, they are more pop than punk, fight me.

I do believe now, in hindsight, that the Backstreet Boys have had more of a profound impact on my music journey than I used to think. Especially since I kinda had a song crush on NSYNC’s Bye Bye Bye (and It’s Gonna Be Me) for a whole year. But, Backstreet Boys has lasted. I mean, they’re twenty-five years old! We enter their twenty-sixth year as a group, and that is amazing. And their music has featured on many a playlist of mine over the last two decades. That’s a long time. Only Simple Plan comes second to that.

And I’m hoping with the release of DNA that that will continue for the foreseeable future.

Backstreet Boys are definitely in my DNA.

Backstreet’s Back, alright!

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Rend Collective – Good News (Album)

This morning, I sat down and listened to this album that was released at the beginning of the year. This wasn’t my first listen through; however, I wanted to write down what thoughts I had for each track as I listened, and then share them here on my blog. I wrote my thoughts out in my journal and so some of these thoughts are disjointed and are stream of thought. This is not a formal review, just a collection of thoughts from my mind invoked by the music.

Here is the tracklist of Good News – Rend Collective – along with links to the songs on YouTube

  1. Life Is Beautiful –
  2. I Will Be Undignified –
  3. Rescuer (Good News) –
  4. Counting Every Blessing –
  5. Nailed to the Cross –
  6. Hymn of the Ages –
  7. True North –
  8. Resurrection Day –
  9. No Outsiders –
  10. Weep With Me –
  11. Weep With Me (Reprise) –
  12. Marching On (feat. Hillsong Young & Free) –
  13. Yahweh –
  14. Counting Every Blessing (Ukulele Session) –
  15. Christ Lives in Me –

And now for my thoughts

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My Top 20 Albums Ever

The title is self explanatory; however, I’ve never really sat down and looked at what my all time favourite albums are. I think this is due to the fact that what I deem a favourite is quite fluid. My mood often dictates what I enjoy at any given time. But, I think I can definitely narrow it down now. At least for this season of my life.

The criteria I used to narrow down this list, include:

  • Enjoying/Appreciating every track on the album – not wanting to skip any.
  • Amount of time I’ve listened to the album (Though this is not prescriptive, as some I’ve only listened through a couple of times, but they just have a certain something about them; or they’re a relatively new album that I’ve only started listening to.)
  • The artist/band/group

So, without further ado. My Top 20 albums, ever. (The top 10 is in order, the rest not in any particular order.)

  1. Still Not Getting Any – Simple Plan
  2. Diamonds – Hawk Nelson
  3. Good News – Rend Collective
  4. The Greatest Showman – Original Soundtrack
  5. Pictures Not Taken – Paul Morrison
  6. Divide – Ed Sheeran
  7. This is Not a Test – TobyMac
  8. The Promise – Plus One
  9. Greetings From California – The Madden Brothers
  10. Avenged Sevenfold – Avenged Sevenfold
  11. Storm Front – Billy Joel
  12. No Other Name – Hillsong Worship
  13. Taking One For the Team – Simple Plan
  14. Hail to the King – Avenged Sevenfold
  15. Highlights of the Phantom of the Opera – Andrew Lloyd Webber
  16. The Best of Human Nature – Human Nature
  17. Let’s Talk About Love – Celine Dion
  18. Get Your Heart On! – Simple Plan
  19. Get Your Heart On! The Second Coming – Simple Plan
  20. Simple Plan, Live in Anaheim – Simple Plan

And, there you go. My Top 20 albums. Oh, and anyone who knows me will not be surprised by the fact that Simple Plan features four times. Haha. They are my all time favourite band.

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Top 25 songs of 2015

I’ve compiled my top 25 songs of 2015. 
These are not only songs that were released this year; the list includes tracks that have been a big part of my emotional landscape this year. 

1. Boom – Simple Plan
2. One Life – Hedley
3. Sold Out – Hawk Nelson
4. Good Good Father – Housefires
5. Great Are You Lord – All Sons & Daughters
6. Ever Be – Bethel Music
7. Wildest Dreams – Riverview Worship
8. I Don’t Wanna Be Sad – Simple Plan
9. Drag Me Down – One Direction [Cover version by Our Last Night]
10. I Don’t Wanna Go to Bed – Simple Plan
11. Diamonds – Hawk Nelson
12. Drops in the Ocean – Hawk Nelson
13. Live Like You’re Loved – Hawk Nelson
14, Made to Live – Hawk Nelson
15. Precious Love – Riverview Worship
16. Saving Grace – Riverview Worship
18. Immortals – Fall Out Boy
18. What Are You Waiting For? – Nickelback
19. A Whole New World – Peabo Bryson & Regina Bell
20. Makeshift Love – Good Charlotte
21. Adore – Chris Tomlin
22. Game On (Feat. Good Charlotte) – Waka Flocka Flame
23. History – One Direction
24. Will You Be Mine – Paul Morrison
25. Crazy Days – Paul Morrison
This is Amazing Grace – Phil Wickham
O Praise the Name (Anastasis) – Hillsong Worship
Rejoice – Riverview Worship

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Diamonds in the Rough – 2015 Album of the Year Nominee – Part 2

Here’s part two of my thoughts on Hawk Nelson’s Diamonds.

Thank God for Something 

“1, 2, 3, 4 count my blessings…
If you’ve got a lot or a lot of nothing 
Go ahead and thank God for something…”

A light, catchy track that starts the second half of the album in a way that reminds you to be forever grateful.  Grateful to God, no matter the season. That’s what the song is about.  After all it’s so true that we sometimes forget to thank God during our seasons of plenty; sometimes we only rely on God when we’re desperate. 

Count On You

Another punchy track with pop sensibilities espousing the fact that God is someone we can trust wholeheartedly.  Our faith is well founded when it comes to trusting in God.

Not as strong as the other tracks on the album, still one that will get you singing along to whilst thinking about the poweful lyrics.

Made to Live 

This song is anthemic.  This song is a declaration of God’s purposes for Creating us.  I can’t do anything but share the lyrics to the whole song, because they truly speak for themselves.

With every star You’ve hung up in the sky
You were leaving Your fingerprints
And when You brought my heart to life
You were leaving Your fingerprints
I know I’m here for a reason
And there’s a purpose in every season
Cause You got me, got me believing
Oh You got me, got me believing

I was made to live
I was made to live
I was made to live
For You
I was born for this
Not to just exist
I was made to live
For You

So if I could learn to love the way You do
I’ll be leaving Your fingerprints
And when I stand for what is true
I’ll be leaving Your fingerprints
And my heart it might take a beating
Sometimes this blood is for bleeding
And I know I’m here for a reason
Oh You got me, got me believing

I was made to live
I was made to live
I was made to live
For You
I was born for this
Not to just exist
I was made to live
For You

So I’ll give it all I have
Till nothing’s left
I’m not holding back
A single breath

Cause I was made to live
I was made to live
I was made to live
For You
I was born for this
Not to just exist
I was made to live
For You

Straight Line 

This song has been hard for me to pin down my thoughts on; but, I think it’s about walking the path that God has laid out for me and, at least, attempting not to stray from it. It’s about living the life that God has purposed for me; it’s about accepting Jesus and shining His light to the world.  Or that’s what I’m getting from the lyrics.

Only You 

In the materialistic world that we live in it is wonderful to be reminded that all of the things in our lives matter not.  It is only God who can fulfill us for real.  It is only God who can fix everything in this world.

‘Cause only You can fill my heart
The way You do
Only You can take what’s worn
And make it new
So I’ll take all these broken dreams
And petty things
Replace them with something that’s true
I’ll take them replace them with You

Closing thoughts

So please,
Jesus would You come close
Jesus would You come close
Jesus would You come close

And stay right here
I need You more than I know
I need You more than I know
So Jesus would You come close

I love that the album ends with a prayer to Jesus.  A prayer for Him to come close and an admission of how much He is needed.  Because that rings so true.  I need God’s love every day of my life.  
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Diamond in the Rough – 2015 Album of the Year Nominee – Part 1

Diamonds – Hawk Nelson

Introductory thoughts
There’s “Christian” music, and then there’s Christian music.  The former has the label of Christian but most of the actual music doesn’t touch too much on the truth of Christianity.  Sure, the members of the bands of that genre are probably followers of Christ, but the music has increasingly secular themes.  
The latter is truly Christian in theme, vibe, storytelling nous.  The faith of the creators of the music infuses everything.  Interestingly, when I first heard any of Hawk Nelson’s music, I would have classified them in the former category.  However, with their 2013 offering Made and now their latest album Diamonds they have cemented themselves firmly in the latter classification.    
Made renewed my love for Hawk Nelson.
Diamonds cemented their place in my heart as the best Christian band out there.
I still think it’s kind of ironic how I became a Hawk Nelson listener.  Simple Plan has influenced my music collection a lot.  Who would think they’d lead me to my all time favourite Christian band, though? And the members of Hawk Nelson were inspired by Simple Plan as well.  
Daniel Biro (bassist) said in an interview in 2013, “Simple Plan was a big influence on me as well.  I loved going to their shows in the Toronto, Ontario, Canada area and Warped Tour etc.  What a great live act.  Very entertaining, and some quality, catchy pop punk rock songs.  I liked Untitled a lot.”
Anyway, I digress.  I want to share with you my thoughts on the album Diamonds.  
As you well know, I don’t really do reviews.  This will be more an opinion piece.  But, that makes sense right?  Because the enjoyment of music is a subjective experience.  And everyone has different feelings and experiences when listening to exactly the same music as someone else.  
Before I begin my thoughts on each individual song, though, I should mention how I even stumbled onto the album.  I wasn’t even aware that Diamonds was released this year until I was listening to 98.5 Sonshine FM (Christian radio here in Perth) and the second song off the album, Drops in the Ocean happened to air.  That surprised me, but I also instantly fell in love with the song and that lead to me discovering the rest of the album.  It caused a lot of excitement for me, especially as I’m still waiting for Simple Plan’s 5th album.  You could say Hawk Nelson is a great second best… (Maybe even better?  We’ll have to wait and see…)
One other thing, I really really want to see this band live….and I’m kind of semi-jealous that my fiancé got to do that last year at EasterFest.  Though I did get to do an email interview with the bassist Daniel Biro in 2013 (incidentally that’s where my earlier quote above was from ;)).
Anyway, enough of that, moving on to my thoughts on the album itself.  
Here are my thoughts on the first 5 songs  of the album.  I will share the rest and a concluding thought in part 2.

The title track opens with a strong drum beat that heralds the beginning of the whole album.  Sometimes when I hear the opening track of an album, I wonder why the band chose the particular song as the first song.  However, with this song I am left with no doubt.  Hawk Nelson made the right choice in using the title track as the first song.  The message they’re sending is a firm and faith-filled one.  They want to make it clear that God is working in our lives no matter the circumstances we find ourselves in.  And that God can use even the most broken people.
Oh the joy of the Lord
It will be my strength
When the pressures on
He’s making diamonds

He’s making diamonds
Making us rise out from the dust
He is refining in his timing
He’s making diamonds out of dust
He’s making diamonds out of us.

I love these lyrics, the analogy of us being dust and then God using the pressures in our lives to turn us into diamonds is a very beautiful image to hold in ones mind.  Because it is so true.  
This song sets the tone for the rest of the album, preparing the heart for an injection of joy and the promises of God and that everything He is and does is good.

Drops in the Ocean
This is the first song from Diamonds that I heard.  The song is narrated from God’s perspective, which makes for a powerful message.  He says, “If you wanna see how much you mean to me/Look at my hands, look at my side.” A reminder of the blood that was shed on the Cross for each of us.  And then he repeats, “I am for you, not against you” several times.  This is something that I cling to whenever times get tough.  The knowledge that God, who is so Holy, so powerful, loves me a flawed, fragile human being…that’s just amazing.  

Just Getting Started
You know that saying “it’s not over until the fat lady sings”, well I think the first line of this song alludes to that; We’re stepping into the ring, won’t let that lady sing/it’s over when we say it’s over.  A clever way to open a song that seems to me to be talking about their own personal journey as a band.  
Their previous album Made was quite a departure from their earlier work.  Not only was it more explicit about their faith journey, the style of music became more pop rock than their earlier work which was more pop punk.  

Diamonds is even more pop influenced and the influence of their faith is so strong and I believe this song refers to the fact that this is only the beginning of the musical journey in this direction and that we should expect more of it it in the future.
Live Like You’re Loved  
This song is a proclamation of God’s love over us and that we need to remember that He is completely for us.  It talks of the fact that God values every single one of us and through His grace He has taken away all shame, all guilt and “gave us a reason to sing“.  
Go ahead and be who He made you to be.  

God has given us permission to be our true selves.  The self that He says we are.  
Live like you’re loved
Walk like you’re free 
Stand like you know who He made you to be
Live like you’re loved
Like you believe
His love is all that you’ll ever need

These lyrics are sung like a declaration, like a victory song and should be felt that way as God is the victor, over sin and death. 
And all because He loves us.
Sold Out
In a world full of followers 
I’ll be a leader
In a world full of doubters 
I’ll be a believer…
I’m stepping out without a hesitation 
I ain’t got nothing left to be afraid of.

I’m sold out 
I’m no longer living just for myself
Running after Jesus with my whole heart
And now I’m ready to show
I am sold out!”

This song has fast become my favourite. It’s an anthem to how I feel about my faith. I’m not afraid to show who I follow and where my trust is.  I’m going public (at least on social media, ha). 
“No trials coming against me
Can put a dent in my passion
They’re just an opportunity
To put my faith into action.”

These words speak so much truth; I’ve literally found that when trouble hits my passion for Jesus doubles, triples.  I find myself worshipping God even more in those moments and leaning in further to His Word.

Part 2 –

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Ban the word Frontman

Pierre through the years
Pierre Charles Bouvier

I’m not one for idolising people.  For several reasons.  People are flawed.  People are not perfect.  Everyone makes mistakes and are not worthy of being put on a pedestal.  However, in saying that, I’m not a perfect person, either.  So, I will allow myself to indulge in the act of ‘idolisation’ somewhat. 
And there is this one frontman – I’ll get back to how problematic I think that word is, in a minute – that I will hold up a little.  
Mr Pierre Charles Bouvier, lead singer of Simple Plan has been on my radar for the last eleven years, and today he turns 36.  I’ve probably talked and written about him a lot over the years, but I felt lead to go a bit more in depth.  
I must admit, my initial attraction to Pierre was shallow, based on looks and voice…but, that’s normal?  I mean at that point I was 19 and had never really had any crush on a ‘celebrity’ [not counting Kick Gurry from Looking For Alibrandi].  And seriously, who could blame me?
Pierre in the studio recording Still Not Getting Any
My early days/years of being a Simple Plan fan I must admit were, in hindsight, a tad embarrassing.  Being in the middle of my science degree at university, and nursing a fledgling obsession with this band…was a recipe for disaster.  Well, not quite.  But it was a matter of contention with my parents.  My writing flourished thanks to my crush on Pierre…which then ended up in arguments with my mum because she’d catch me awake at all hours of the night on the computer.  At one point she even told me I needed to see a shrink…basically…yeah…
I blame Pierre.  Always.  Still do.  Or more specifically, EP.  But, I digress. 
[I always blame this face]
Pierre on Channel V’s What U Want Live, 2005
Pierre became my writing muse; I’ve written over 40 fan fictions featuring him in some form or another.  Then seeing the band live in 2005 for the first time?  That just cemented the attraction for me.  

Pierre, 2nd October, 2005, Brisbane Entertainment Centre

I haven’t looked back, really.  He will always be my favourite singer in a band.  His personality and raw talent are what attract me these days.  Especially after having met him twice.  

Pierre, 2012/2013 obviously
Pierre is down-to-earth, self-deprecating and seriously an all round nice guy.  He’s not afraid to joke about where he comes from and take the piss out of the band and their music.  

Chuck: We didn’t play… Save YouPierre: Save You…save you…David: Which is by the way now called, ‘Shave You’.Pierre: ….*sings* I wish I could shaaaave you…

Pierre and Delilah
How can you not love that face? Anyway.  
Pierre [EP, Pips…] is one of those singers in a band that I will always recognise and respect.  Simple Plan would not be the band it is today if this wonderful man wasn’t fronting it.  
The dreaded word…. frontman

M Shadows, A7X
I’m not a fan of the term ‘frontman’.  Especially when it comes to Pierre Bouvier of Simple Plan.  Let me unpack that a bit for you.  When I read the word ‘frontman’ I visualise a rockstar, a guy who is cocky and struts around the stage.  I would call M Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold a frontman.  Because that is what he is most definitely, at least on stage.  Off stage…not so much.  But, that’s the point really. [I’m not dissing Shads by any means…he’s my second favourite lead vocalist ;)]
Pierre on the other hand, doesn’t come across that way.  Yes, he exudes charisma and can hold the crowd in the palm of his hand, but he doesn’t come across cocky.  He’s real, personable… almost like an Aussie.  Maybe that’s the Canadian in him, though.  Haha.  
The other issue I have with the term ‘frontman’ is that it seems to shine the spotlight on the lead singer and take all the attention away from the rest of the band, who, to be honest, are just as important.  
It’s also problematic when you get a band where even the lead singer is forgotten or not known.  
Eg.  When I first heard about Fall Out Boy…I thought Pete Wentz was the ‘frontman’ because he was the one most seen in the media.
Pete Wentz, frontman?
But, guess what…this is their lead singer.
This is not Pete Wentz.  This is Patrick Stump, lead vocalist of FOB
I don’t think it’s necessary to call them the ‘frontman’… ‘the face of the band’ whatever.  The band should be seen as a whole!  Incidentally I think the drummer is the most important member of the band…
Lucky Simple Plan has four drummers.  [What?]
Chuck, official drummer
Pierre, self-professed better drummer than Chuck
David actually better drummer than Chuck, according to Chuck
Seb, air drummer extraordinaire
So, anyway.  Let’s ban the word ‘frontman’. On an aside, I’m sure all the lead vocalists of bands who grew up with self-esteem issues would thank you for it.
Simple Plan and other bands

In today’s world of One Direction [and the fall out going on with them at the moment] and dance music that seems to be taking over the airwaves, I miss the days of actual bands.  You know…Good Charlotte, Blink 182, A7X, Simple Plan, Eskimo Joe, Coldplay, The Living End….and then back further, The Eagles, ACDC… and I could name many others.  But, I won’t.
The point I want to make right now, is that these bands write their own music and play their own instruments and have fun doing it.  They also care about their fans [maybe not so much Blink…] and want to make a difference through their music.  
Not saying that pop groups or other artists can’t or don’t, but I think bands like Simple Plan and A7X are special in ways that I can’t even really put in words.  
Watching a band live is something I think everyone should do at least once in their life.  I’ve been pretty lucky to do it a lot more than once.
Coldplay x 2
Simple Plan x 3 
Eskimo Joe [and support acts]
Third Day
The Eagles
Tonight Alive
The Never Ever
We The Kings
Youth Group
All American Rejects
The Madden Brothers [I count as a band, because Good Charlotte] [and support acts]
Murphy’s Lore
…to name just a few.  
This whole blog post seems a tad disjointed, but I’ll just blame this face and I’m sure you’ll forgive me…or him.
PS.  Pierre is the best band dad going.
Pierre and his daughters [from his instagram]
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Friday, 10 December 2010 The Eagles – Long Road out of Eden Tou

Amazing spectacular show.
They started with Seven Bridges Road and ended with Desperado.
Other songs they played, which I know the names of include:
Seven Bridges Road
Witchy Woman
Hotel California
Lyin’ Eyes
In the City
Peaceful Easy Feeling
The Best of My Love
No More Walks in the Wood
Waiting in the Weeds
No More Cloudy Days
Life in the Fast Lane
Heartache Tonight
I Can’t Tell You Why
The Long Run
I Don’t Want Hear Anymore
Long Road Out of Eden
The Boys of Summer
Take It To The Limit
Busy Being Fabulous [?]
Somebody [?]
Funk #49
Walk Away
Life’s Been Good
Dirty Laundry
Take It Easy
Rocky Mountain Way [Joe used the Peter Frampton tube thing]
I can’t remember the rest.
The whole concert was just amazing.  I can’t really describe the feeling.  The place was packed.  Majority of the audience were people my parents’ age, though.  Which makes sense, obviously.
I went with a guy from choir who was also a huge fan, because I had a second ticket and didn’t know who to take with me.  Was going to take Dad, but he had people over from Melbourne to entertain.  Anyway I had an amazing night, and I truly honestly have no words to describe the night.  Suffice to say I’ll be listening to The Eagle’s for awhile now.  
The night sort of makes up for some crapola that’s been going on at work, which I will save for another blog…
In the wise words of The Eagles: TAKE IT EASY!
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Been awhile…

Work at STAWA has gotten a little quiet.  Part of me is a little bit over working there.  Don’t get me wrong, I like working at STAWA, I’m just in a personal funk.  I’ve just been feeling blah about a lot of things.  I think it’s partly because I’m not feeling motivated to do anything lately.  Work, writing, hanging out with friends…I just want to crawl into bed and sleep…and I’m not even tired or anything.  I’ve had a few off nights, but I’ve been sleeping well lately, so it’s not that.

I’m loving working at Kids Inn.  Maybe that’s it.  I need to rethink my position in the workforce.  Perhaps I should go fulltime into childcare?  I don’t know.  I really like working where I’m at right now.  The kids are great, even though some of them can be right little so-and-so’s sometimes.  But, I really, really enjoy working there, nonetheless.

Guess what?  I’m going to Soundwave next year.  And guess what else?  Avenged Sevenfold will be there.  Seeing them live will definitely make my life.  I have to say, seeing them live will most likely trump seeing Simple Plan.

The bittersweet thing, though, is that I won’t ever get to see Jimmy ‘The Rev’ play with them.  I’m sure Mike Portnoy will do the drummer justice, but I can’t help but feel gypped that I never got the chance to see A7X as the full band.

It will be an experience, though.  My first major music festival.  I never was ever interested in the Big Day Out, or Southbound or any of those others.  The bands didn’t really excite me.  I would like to see Eskimo Joe and The Living End, though.

I think I’ve used the word ‘though’ a lot in this blog… oh well.  My writing has improved since I first started back in…um…probably 2000 or even before then.  I started writing semi-serious fics back in 1999, even though [there I go again with that word…] it was kind of silly stories about my crush…and talking animals and stuff.  [Stuff is a good scientific term.  And ‘thing’ is as well…]  But, I can tell you I have definitely gotten better, and that’s not boasting.  I can see the improvement.

I have so many ideas floating around in my mind, but none of them I can really pin down.  My latest venture is exciting, though.

It’s called Shadows Creed, and is a fanfic [A7X], but the premise is so different, to me at least, that I reckon I could write it as an original.

The basic gist is this:  Bands are outlawed.  Politicians are using solo artists to garner popularity.  The law is upheld by The Creed.  The Creed is a force responsible for eliminating renegade musicians.  One man decides it’s time for a change.  Time to crush the oppression and bring rock and roll back into the world.  There is one problem.  This one man is The Creed’s most trusted. 

So, there it is.  Of course, the story I’m writing now is based around the guys in Avenged, but I could so easily modify it to use my original characters.  But, I will probably endeavour to work on the idea later on in the year.

I also want to try and write an all Aussie based fic.  But, we’ll see.

Anyways, signing off, g’night all.