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July Blogging Challenge – Word a Day

Day 12 – Yawn

So, why do we yawn?  I know when we’re tired we yawn, but that can’t be the only reason, as sometimes we yawn as we wake up and we also yawn when others around us yawn.  It seems to be something that social animals do as well.  Many mammals also ‘yawn’.  So, I wonder if there is some evolutionary value to the yawn.  
There are theories that suggest we yawn when we’re not getting enough oxygen, which would make some sense as it means we get more air in.  Maybe to invigorate us to be ready to fight or take flight?  I don’t know.  Sounds as good a theory as any.  
I found myself yawning quite a bit today.  I’m usually a lot tireder when it’s that time of the month.  Anyway, I think this will be a shorter post as I have no motivation, even with this word…think it’s time for some zzz’s…. *yawn*.