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July Blogging Challenge – Word a Day

Day 11 – Water

I don’t drink enough water in winter.  It’s a little bit of a problem, to be honest.  It’s probably what contributes to the dryness of my skin and lips and everything.  I get headaches sometimes, but I wonder if that’s because I forget to have my coffee.  Or, whether it is because of the lack of fluid that I drink.  when I’m fixated on something I forget to drink and eat and I find myself thinking, why am I hungry? Or why am I thirsty?  I wonder why…
Water is an essential.  We can go without food for a while, but we can’t go without water.  We are 70% water, I believe.  Don’t quote me on that; it’s been a while since I’ve read the science behind that statement.  The scientific formula for water is H2O – dihydrogen oxide.  And water is the most important molecule I think.  The planet that we live on is a watery planet with more oceans etc than land mass.  
But, anyway, I was thinking of places that I would love to visit that are on the water, and I’m currently re-watching season four of Hawaii Five-0…so…Hawaii comes to mind.  Haha.  
Especially because of these three…
I haven’t had my McGarrett fix in a while.
I mean look at that…
McGarrett on a horse…
Yeah, nothing about water…I know.  But, hey….word association isn’t my forte.
But, hey, I’ve had Alex O’Loughlin on the brain as well, because of my character McTavish.
So…here’s a photo of Steve in the water?
Nope….with a cat instead.
Good night all.