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Exodus 11:1-10
Exodus 12:14-42
Hebrews 11:23-28
Psalms 105:37-38

The Passover lamb.  The tale of God delivering His people, the Israelites, from Egypt, is a well known one.  It’s even the subject of several films.  It’s also one of my favourites.  Notwithstanding that Moses is one of my favourite biblical figures, it’s also powerful because it points to the Cross of Jesus.  
When I was working at the Jewish Childcare centre I learned (at least at the level of the children) the importance of Passover to them as descendants of Israel.  That was fascinating, but at the same time made me a little sad.
God’s gift of grace and Jesus’ blood shed on the cross that covers all our sins…. The Jewish have rejected.  Not every single one of them though; there are messianic Jews and Jewish Christians (they’re both different by the way).  But, the majority at this point reject Jesus as Saviour, Messiah, Lord.  
Notable, I think was the detail that God explained to Moses, about how His people should commemorate the Passover.  
Unleavened bread being one of the more recognisable.
Interesting point to note here, I think:  When Jesus shares Passover with his disciples and takes the first communion with them, He would’ve been eating unleavened bread.  So, in some sense, churches that use those thin wafers are probably closer to what would’ve actually been used as opposed to those that use normal bread loaves.
Just a thought. 
Another thought, there are Christians who believe we should partake in the Passover meal and commemorate it.  There are some who do that instead of celebrating Easter (as they have an issue with the pagan origin of the NAME of the festival).  I can see where it can fit, as Jesus is the ultimate Passover Lamb.  However, there are problems with it too.  
Instead we should perhaps celebrate and commemorate Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday, if we want to avoid the label of Easter.   
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Exodus 14:14

Being still, being quiet in the Lord’s presence isn’t always easy for me.  The life I live is often filled with noise.  The noise of the children I work with; the noise of the television; the noise of conversation; the noise of technology.  
However, I know that taking the time to sit and be still is essential to my walk with God, my journey in Christ’s plan for me.  
For me, being still in God’s presence doesn’t mean silence.  I will have music playing, not always worship music, any music will do.  But, I find that I connect with God through the notes and tones of music.  God speaks to me through the words of songs.  And maybe that isn’t theologically sound, but I feel that I can discern what is of God and what is not.  
I turn to God’s Word when I feel led, but I admit that doesn’t happen as often as it probably should.  
That’s why I’ve opened my mind to a new way of doing devotionals.  I thank God for leading me to this app, as weird as that sounds.  
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Deuteronomy 20:10-18

I struggle with many of the passages in Deuteronomy and Exodus.  Especially where God commands the Israelites to kill all in places they conquer.  
Yes I understand God explains that they are evil and will cause them to sin if they allow them to live…but are they not sinful themselves?  
We are all sinners are we not?