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Exodus 14:14

Being still, being quiet in the Lord’s presence isn’t always easy for me.  The life I live is often filled with noise.  The noise of the children I work with; the noise of the television; the noise of conversation; the noise of technology.  
However, I know that taking the time to sit and be still is essential to my walk with God, my journey in Christ’s plan for me.  
For me, being still in God’s presence doesn’t mean silence.  I will have music playing, not always worship music, any music will do.  But, I find that I connect with God through the notes and tones of music.  God speaks to me through the words of songs.  And maybe that isn’t theologically sound, but I feel that I can discern what is of God and what is not.  
I turn to God’s Word when I feel led, but I admit that doesn’t happen as often as it probably should.  
That’s why I’ve opened my mind to a new way of doing devotionals.  I thank God for leading me to this app, as weird as that sounds.  

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