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The Rhythm of Waiting

I’m not really good at waiting, unless I have music to listen to. I’m currently at the doctors waiting to be seen. And, I’ve been thinking, music has always been a big part of my life.  From when I was very little. 

My dad’s stepdad is in a Jazz Band from Melbourne and my dad is very much into music. He learned vibraphone a long time ago and he has written a song with one of his best friend’s.  And he is to ‘blame’ for my music tastes.  Or at least my initial musical tastes.  I have of course branched out from artists such as the Travelling Wilbury’s.  However, without my dad, and to a lesser extent my mum (she has influenced me more when it comes to praise and worship music), my love of music may not be as well-nurtured. 

Of course, growing up in the church has also added to my music experience.  It is my belief that all songs come from God.

It’s interesting to think how life would be like without music.  I work in childcare, and think for a moment, we teach little kids through song and movement.  I mean, there are even songs about washing our hands.

Wash your dirty hands
Wash your dirty hands
Rub and scrub
Rub and scrub
And wash you dirty hands…etc

Even as adults we make up chants to help us get through the day.  “I can do it, I can do it…” Though it’s not really music, it’s got rhythm and that’s a musical construct.

Even if no music is playing anyway, we often tap our feet to silent music, the song that is playing in our heads.  Is it any wonder that the natural rhythm of the heart is considered music?  Rhythms exist everywhere.  And I think even people who have no sense of rhythm do have some sense of it. 

Life’s routine is a rhythm of a kind.

Profound thought is profound…

I’m not sure why I’ve become so introspective of late.  Could just be the fact that I have this time to ponder* things.

I have my iPod on shuffle and I’m listening to some songs for the first time ever….that’s pretty cool.

As it says in scripture, let us sing a new song (or listen to one).

*Just realised why Ponder Stibbons is called Ponder….he thinks a lot.