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Where Are Your Listening Ears?

Turn on your listening ears

Open your looking eyes

Unpack your kind hearts

Hold out your gentle hands

What happened to your listening ears

Did you pack them away?

Turn them on again




Listen, please.

I know you’re hungry

I know you’re tired

Just turn on those ears, please

Yes, I can give you a huggle

No, I can’t hold all of you

At the same time

Yes, I have so many cuddles!

Cuddles for everyone!

Just please turn on your ears

Open you’re looking eyes

Unpack your kind hearts

Hold out your gentle hands

And let’s have a beautiful day!

~ MW 2022

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Another Address

Heart ache


Flashes of joy like a movie reel

Laughing about food choices

Laughing when friends see

what we don’t see

Love crept up on us

I wouldn’t have it any other way

Wasn’t looking

But you came and held my heart

And I held yours



What is that?

What defines that?

Promises of staying

in health and sickness

I meant it

You didn’t quite believe it

But I stayed.

And you went home.

Another address

Real life

We are but strangers in this world

Yearning for our true home.

You have reached that place

I know where you are

That brings peace.

I still have much to do

I am not finished yet

God willing

I will do all that He has for me to do

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Words By Me – A Poem

Something I wrote last year

I write words

Sometimes they elude me

They trundle down the black hole

Of my thoughts

Sometimes I can patch them together In a semi-coherent loop

Loop the loop

Sing a song of sixpence…

Wait, this isn’t a nursery rhyme

Why do rhymes rhyme

Language is a weird beast

It lets you feast on the thoughts

Of mankind

And then store them away

For posterity’s sake

Take the cake and eat it too

Have my words

Have your words

Send them spiralling out

To the world

And then peruse them

Use them

Throw them out

And start again


By me.

⁃ M. Withey 2020