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July Blogging Challenge – Word a Day

Day 30 and 31 – Mine.  Thoughtful.

Ownership.  The things that belong to us.  What’s mine… In this world of materialism always seem to want more, more money, more things, more things to call our own.  For some it’s what they base their identity on.  For others they are just belongings.  Things that can be replaced.
But, I’ve come to realise that at a deeper level, nothing is truly ours.  Not permanently.  All good things are of God.  We are but stewards of His Creation and we should start thinking about life in this way.
We sometimes think of this country being ours, or the planet being ours…but, no.  God Created everything because He enjoyed it and saw that it was good.  He Created humans for relationships and to look after the earth and the animals on it, and each other.  That’s what community is about.  It’s why communities exist.
You know the old saying about raising children?  “It takes a village.”  Well, I think we need to get back to that mentality of life.  Everyone helping to support families and friends in a way that builds and strengthens community relationships.  There needs to be thoughtful consideration of how the generations to come can be taught that doing life with others is actually more helpful than having the whole “I/Me” attitude to life.  Yes, there are things that we can do flying solo.  However, life is much better walked with others as we can be a positive influence to them, and they on us.
Humans were not Created (or evolved) to live solitary lives.  We are a social animal, and we need to be around other people.  Not necessarily all the time, but enough.  Of course, this differs depending on the person you are.  But, one thing I need to point out as an introvert:  it’s not that I don’t like being around people; it’s just that I have to recharge away from people.
Anyway, I think I have no nor energy for thinking right now.  Heading to my parents for dinner and catch ups.

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