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Flu season and writing season

So, I wanted to write a bit about my fiction, but before I do, a comment that needs to be made about winter.

I do not like winter in Perth.  The number of viruses I’ve had over the last three months has been ridiculous.  And this one I have now? It’s the last straw.  For now.  The doctor ordered the rest of the week off and I’m to stay warm and rest.  I can do that, but at the same time I feel that I need to exercise my mind at least.

Hence the reason behind this particular blog.  I want to talk about my fiction writing.  I’ve been writing fiction for a long time, and if not writing, making up stories in my mind.  Previously, I’ve spoken about the characters I’ve created, but today I want to touch on something a little more controversial.

As you all know, I am a Christian, a devoted follower of Christ, and in light of that there are certain qualities that I should have…or at least what society believes Christian’s should have.  We’re expected to be clean and positive in our outlook…and perhaps this should be reflected in our writing?

However, I write some quite explicit material (you know what I mean) and sometimes I wonder whether I should renounce those subjects and write purely clean fiction.  I admit to writing my fair share of PWP fiction that can be quite…blunt in its subject matter.  And I won’t shy away from it as I am a grown adult.  Can I justify it, though?

I think I can.  Writing for me as I’ve said many times, is a release, an outlet and a lot of the fiction I’ve written is a safe way for me to explore fantasies that will never come true.  They’re like written out dreams, better to be out on a page than in my head right?  My other justification is that many of my more character driven stories have messages that far outweigh any smut that may be included.  Notwithstanding some of the taboo themes that I touch.

I think, really, the big thing is that I know if some of the people I know in real life read what I wrote:  It would shock them.  I present as an innocent.  But, I’m not really.  Not when it comes to my writing.  However, God alone knows my heart and intentions, so that’s all that really matters.

And, I enjoy writing, so whatever form it comes out in?  That doesn’t matter either.

Anyway, in light of that I wanted to mention a fan fiction I’ve been writing for the last seven years.  The Aviators.  It’s a tale that features the frontman of Avenged Sevenfold (one of my other favourite bands) and his partner Val.  Themes are mature and the tale does feature some explicit scenes (I like to think that I’ve improved in writing it in a way that drives plot forward).

Here’s the banner:

The premise is this:

Matthew Sanders is nothing like any of Valary’s previous owners. He is a man of integrity, great patience, tenderness, and a heartening joy.

Being in a famous band, Avenged Sevenfold, one would think he’d be an arrogant, hard man. But, Val finds that he is the one person in her life that she is willing and proud to call her Master.

This is their story, from the point of view of a young woman who learns who she really is and what life is really supposed to be about.

Yes, you read that correctly.  It’s kind of Fifty Shades territory, but not quite.  I started writing this waaaaay before I ever read Fifty Shades of Grey, just to clear things up.  (And I still stand by my admission that my character EP is a lot worse than Christian Grey, but that’s a whole other blog post).  Now that I’ve said that, bear in mind that as much as this is a story about that kind of lifestyle, it isn’t quite.  It’s my own creation that spans several of my stories.  And that’s also another whole blog post worth to explain the world I’ve created: one where people can own others…slavery if you will.  But not traditional slavery.

I think, in a way, looking back at the themes of the story, it really doesn’t actually focus on that aspect of it.  It’s really about love and what love should really be about.  It’s about family and trust and building healthy relationships.  It’s a cautionary tale set in an alternate reality.  (I like to think Fifty Shades could be placed in that category too…a cautionary tale…)

Now, I want to come to my main point of writing this whole blog.  I am very close to finishing The Aviators.  I’ve hit chapter forty-nine and I’m feeling that there will only be a few chapters left.  I’m anxious as to how I should end it, though.  Endings have never been my strong point.

I’ve taken a huge risk and done something with my main characters that many will see as cliche and perhaps overdone, but if it gets me to the end I need to write, than all to the good.  Cliche’s only become bad if they’re written badly.

So, there you have it.  My dilemma.  To end The Aviators I may have to be willing to take a dive into the deep end of cliche territory, but that’s half the fun, eh.  My writing will ever be an adventure through the mine of my mind.  Who knows what I will find if I dig deep enough.


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