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Work. Behaviour management. Argh

Imagine you have nine four year old children two of them who won’t listen.  One of those two is the instigator, the other is a follower.  What would you do?

I’m almost at the stage of tearing my hair out and it’s only Wednesday lunchtime.  The threat of not joining in play sessions etc doesn’t seem to work and I honestly do not know what I should be doing.  I feel out of my depth, even though I’ve known these children the whole time they’ve been at the centre.

It’s amazing to stop and think that I’ve been at the centre for almost three years.  It feels like a lot shorter.  But, seeing the children puts a stop to that thought.  A lot of them were in the baby room when I started. 

Crazy, eh?

Lovely story though: Yesterday afternoon as I was leaving work, the big boss’ son called out bye to me, and his dad said he liked how he greets me.  I live for those moments. 

Though, after last night’s session on Worship at team night, I feel that I need to alter my attitude a little more.  I still have moments where I feel mad toward the children, but then I think that’s not what Jesus would feel.  If I have a servant heart in my daily work, and do it all for God’s glory…my perspective will change. 

Everything I do should be for the children.  For the centre.  And ultimately for He who created us. 

That will be my prayer, daily.  That I will worship God in everything I do.


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