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How I became Obssessed with SP

Picture this.

It’s August 2004:

*watching Video Hits/Channel[V]…watching for a vid that I really want to see…but suddenly these five guys playing on a roof come on…’Perfect’ – Simple Plan*  I went and bought the single and played for almost two months in my car…but didn’t notice who was in the band

Then…It’s the first of November 2004:

My friend Cass and I go into Stocklands (shopping centre) and go into Sanity music just to have a look.

Cass:  Oh look there’s the new Delta Goodrem single

Me:  Cool…oh…*sees Welcome to My Life single…the Simple Plan label stands out catching my attention*  Simple Plan…

Cass:  what you found?

Me:  this…*goes and listens to it on machine thing….falls in love with it completely*


haha that’s how I became obssessed with SP and Pierre

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