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Writing Stories

Okay so I have this humungous (sp?) list of stories that I’ve written:

Non- Simple Plan

  • Betrayal
  • King and Traitor
  • The Secret (unfinished)
  • Last Night (unfinished)
  • How Could This Happen? (Unfinished)
  • Warped Story (written by Me and sarah and megan)

Simple Plan/Pierre Bouvier Fan fiction

  • The Tough Life Trilogy:  Tough Life, Love Hurts: Home is Where the Heart Is, Is This the End…?
  • I Believe in a Thing Called Love
  • Famous Cousin
  • Me Against the World (sequel to FC)
  • Songs’ of the Deep Blue (unfinished)
  • Why Does it Have to Hurt?
  • Love of a Different Kind
  • Studio Blue’s: The Story Behind ‘Meet You There’
  • Welcome To My Life
  • Dreaming of a Perfect World (Perfect World Song fiction)
  • A Different Calling (unfinished)



PS if you want a copy of any of these stories (the finished ones)  tell me and I’ll email them to you or just click—-> here to find them…fandom forum…username Pluto4Pierre


3 thoughts on “Writing Stories

  1. ahhaah no i dont not liek gc & sp, i do like them.. sort of… i just refuse for them to brainwash my mind into listening to pussy punk.

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