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NEW Fic I’m writing

Stalkers Beware

it’s the sequel to Love of A Different Kind.

It’s set in 2005 basically 2 years after the first story.

Characters are the same…with possible cameos

It occurs when SP are going on their Noise to the World Tour with GC through America…and Rebel Assassin are doing their Me Against the World tour through Europe.

As you can see by the title there are going to be stalker/s involved but they may find out they have bitten off more than they can chew….(I love that saying lol)




One thought on “NEW Fic I’m writing

  1. hey marlz a new fanfic huh? cool and just so you know 5’43" means your almost 7 feet tall you might want to change that although a 7 foot you would be pretty exciting sayonara

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