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Channel [V] Hanging With…Simple Plan

This was sooooooooo good

I took screen caps




Don’t take it too seriously; and don’t take yourself too seriously, either.  Cos you’re not that serious.

Puff Daddy said ‘it’s alright, more money,more problems, y’know what I mean?’

It was either that or ‘Simple Plan Evolution’.  That didn’t work.  – talking about album concept

We play music and there’s guitars, drums and vocals…that’s all I can tell you

No more friends; don’t have a girlfriend; don’t have a…dog.  I’ve only…I have, like, only a bag of clothing that I carry with me…uh…four pairs of shoes…and a whole stack of condoms.

I’m kidding, I don’t even get laid.  I try, but it doesn’t happen. 

…we don’t have that much money anyway. *laughs*

Looking back at your high school pictures…you look back and you’re like ‘Man, what the hell was I thinking with my hair like that?’ But back then it was cool, so, whatever.


* * * * *

"If you like it [SP’s music] it’s cool.  If you don’t, there’s plenty of other music you can listen to." – Jeff

"It’s amazing how the same planet can have Germany …and Australia." – Chuck

* * * * *

Pierre: I wasn’t inspired…and I went and saw these guys, and… 

Seb: We inspired you.

Pierre: Well, not really.  I decided you guys sucked so bad you needed my help.

* * * * *

Pierre: We’ve been playing together for, like, 10 or 11 years and…I know, I’ve been trying to find someone else, but I guess…

Chuck: We just feel…

Pierre: I guess we’re in love.

* * * * *

David: It’s the best tour ever!

The guys: We’ll let david talk now…we’ll let david talk about it now.

David: I think the Green Day tour is the best tour ever, because, not only, we’re touring with Green Day…but it’s in Australia.

Pierre: That’s all you’ve got to…

Jeff: That’s all you’ve got to say?  You talked about it all day long…

Pierre: We gave you the spotlight and that’s all you’ve got to say…jeeze…

* * * * *

Jeff:  You’re like, ‘Mom, I’m in Australia, it’s kinda nice right now; I know it’s snowing at home; but, I’m in Australia chilling.’  And then they feel bad about it.

Chuck: And then your Mom’s like, ‘What’s ‘chilling’?’

* * * * *

ciao Marlz

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