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“Doing it the Hard Way” – Sequel to ADC (Non-SP fic) on the side story

Prologue: The Dawning of a New day

Daybreak.  I never get sick of watching the rays of the sun at first light touching the horizon as if it was kissing it.  It’s too beautiful for words.  I told Thomas this once and he reckons I’m too sentimental for my own good.  Yet, I tell him if that was the case, he’d be dead and I’d be alone.  He doesn’t believe me, but then again he doesn’t believe anything unless there’s hard evidence to back it up.  However, there is one thing he believes…or should I say one thing he knows, and that is that I love him. 

* * * * *

so that’s a sneak preview.  I’m just kinda writing this whenever.  I will be concentrating more on Stalkers Beware after i finish Deep Blue.




3 thoughts on ““Doing it the Hard Way” – Sequel to ADC (Non-SP fic) on the side story

  1. hey marlz nice updateage (yes updateage is a word) haha missin the hell outta you brad is staying with us and got me all out and a bout so i havent had time to even talk to you any how nice space ttyl

  2. updateage…i don’t think that’s a word? but if you say so it must be and thanks 😀 have fun with brad 🙂

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