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Stuff and funny stuff…and some other stuff…

I’m buying the new Backstreet boys single today :D…Incomplete….I love the song…love the vid it’s so cool.

Oh and Pierre said this weird thing in the smash hits mag.

"We’re going to show our music, not our boobs, not how I can dance or if I’ve got a snake." lmao…he is soooo funny…hehe Pierre

3 thoughts on “Stuff and funny stuff…and some other stuff…

  1. i think what pierre is saying is that he isnt a dancy dancy booty shaking fake star but an all-or-nothing-give-it-110%-all-guts-no-quit musician for a real passion for music and musical enjoyment by his fans, i hope that my minute of philosphy cleared it up for you (but it was damn funny hehehe)

  2. i think he was taking the piss out of britney lol we all know pierre can dance and i wouldn’t mind seeing his ‘snake’ mwahahaha

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