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So…my holidays have started with avengance.  Mum’s sister and family come up this coming saturday and are staying for a week.  My four cousins are coming up.

Dylan 13, Bryce 10, Tahlia 10, Christopher 8.  Uncle David and Aunty Kathy.  That’s them.  It should be cool.  Dylan’s in his first year of high school…scary, eh?  I remember when he was a baby…well not quite but you get what I mean.  Everyone is growing up so fast…I feel like i don’t want to grow up…I turn 20 this year…

Oh guess what else?

SIMPLE PLAN are coming back to OZ in October…

To bad I have to go to uni…I keep missing out   oh well…you get that…but apparently there’s going to be a new DVD…and Crazy might be their next single.




PS this is my favourite photo of Pierre at the moment

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