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Another album added to my photos

I’ve added a new album…"Pierre Pics of the moment"  this is where I will put my fave pics of Pierre at the current time…will update once every month…or in less time…depending.


There are two pics there at the moment. (edit: 25/6 7.30pm)

anyways enjoy



2 thoughts on “Another album added to my photos

  1. Hey there Simple Plan rocks! 🙂 Very perty space you have. My fave member has gotta be David, so beautiful 😉 Anyways, keep on rockin’ xoxxo

  2. ok i’ll give that pierre is cute even a good looking guy but when some one takes a photo of him in the shower all i can think of is what if it was me in that shower i wouldnt like that….. so you kinda gotta feel for the guy cheersjames

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