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Concert Tips

1. Get to the concert venue early
2. support the band
3. Bring a camera!
4. Get plenty of rest the night before. You don’t want to be tired before the show even starts.
5. Be prepared to have a fantastic night…and never worry if you can’t see perfectly cos it’s about the atmosphere
6. If you’re far back…take binoculars…you know those small ones you can fit in a carry bag
7. If you see the guys dont be afraid to go up and talk to them
8.Bring a Permenant Marker!
9. Bring something to sign just in case
10.  Don’t forget to scream…lol 
i’ll add more

2 thoughts on “Concert Tips

  1. don’t forget to wear clothes, mk that was lame but im in a weird mood haha. *sits and waits for another update* *hint* *hint* do it for freddy. I LOVE FREDDYYYYY

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