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Team colours part 6


David danced around outside Crazy Clark’s.  He was wearing a Jester hat, which he’d just bought for five bucks.  Pierre was leaning against a pole a smirk on his face as he watched his friend being an idiot.  Cassie had gone down to the bank to draw out some money and I was contemplating our options for lunch.  Chuck came up next to me.

“Something easy will do…”

Pat stuck the camera in my face.  “Yeah…like…Subway…you have that here?”

“Yes, Pat…we do.”  I smiled.  “Come on…this way.”

Pierre grabbed hold of the back of David’s shirt and we made our way down the mall to Subway. 

After lunch the guys had to get back to the Swamp for sound check.

“Uh…why do you call it the Swamp?” Jeff asked Carly a small frown creasing his brow. 

“The Crocodiles…which is the basketball team here play there so we call it the Swamp.”

“That makes sense,” Pierre observed. 

“Does it?” I quipped then I laughed.  “Yeah, I suppose it does.” 

“You know that’s a sure sign of madness…answering yourself?” Pierre pointed out.  I smiled at him and nodded.

“I am mad though…so it’s nothing to me.”

“Yep…Marly is completely insane…especially when she’s at an NRL game,” Megan patted me on the shoulder.

“Oh…really?  I’m the not the one who was screaming…‘they won!  They won!’ down the phone.”

“You did it afterwards…”

I shrugged and glanced at Pierre.  “Ever seen Rugby League?”

“Nope…not really into sports…”

“Well you’re in for a treat tomorrow night then…it’ll be an experience…just going to soak up the atmosphere is worth it.  Even if you don’t understand the game.”  I grinned at him then glanced over at Carly who was trying to explain the rudiments of the game to Chuck and Seb. 

“They’ll never understand…” Pierre muttered from the corner of his mouth. 

“Haha…not much to it…just two teams of guys throwing themselves at each other and getting dirty…well there are rules…but whatever.”  I smirked at Pierre and then made my way to my car in the Entertainment Centre car park.  “See you guys in a couple of hours…I’m off to study.”

Carly had to get to work; Cassie, Megan and Sarah went off to mosey around whilst the guys went off to do their sound check. 


[Pierre’s P.O.V.]


Well…that wasn’t too bad…still I’ll reserve judgment till after tonight’s show.  I looked over at David who was dancing around the stage with his bass looking like a complete moron. 

“Oi…where’s your hat?” I mocked him referring to the Jester hat.  He looked like a mad clown when he was wearing it his longish black hair sticking out from underneath it in odd angles.  David flipped me off and turned to Seb who was checking to make sure his guitar was hooked up and ready to go.

“Where’d you put my hat?” he whined.  I rolled my eyes as I adjusted my earpiece and tapped the end of my mic.  I spoke into it softly just to make sure it was working.

“David is a moron…”

“Hey!  I heard that, Pierre!” my friend protested.

“That’s the point,” I called over to him, then winked at him.  He glared at me then concentrated on tuning his bass.  For the next hour we ran through some of our songs as a warm up then we went to have an early dinner before the concert.

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