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Team Colours part 8


After the show

“That was great…you guys were fantastic up there!” Cassie smiled at the guys.  Pierre was sitting next to me on the couch in the dressing room.  I was leaning with my head back mobile pressed to my right ear as I listened to my messages.  After I clicked my phone off I glanced over at Megan.

“We get to take the guys in to meet the team after the game tomorrow.”

“That’s cool,” Pierre said from beside me.  “Heaps of sweaty men…”

“You know you love it, Bouvier,” Jeff quipped.

“Sure I do…” 

“What are we going to do now?” David whined.

“Let’s go clubbing,” Carly suggested.

“Yes…let’s show the guys the Townsville night life.”

“You have a night life?” Pierre chuckled.  “I can’t wait to see this.”

I rolled my eyes and bounced to my feet.

“Come on…to The Mad Cow…”


The Mad Cow Night Club

[Pierre’ P.O.V.]


Okay…so I am officially…wasted, well I can still function and control myself a little…as was everyone else…bar Chuck.  He was speaking rapidly into his cell phone…obviously to his girlfriend…Nissa if I remember correctly.  I can’t really think when I’m drunk.  I glanced around through my alcohol-fogged eyes and found myself staring at Marly who was dancing relatively co-ordinately on the dance floor.  Her shoulder length black hair moved as she danced.  I found myself making my way toward her thinking…what are you doing, Bouvier?  

“Hey?” I smiled at her.  She glanced at me through her glasses and her lips twitched slightly.


Not very enthusiastic…that’s interesting…most fan girls would be all over me by now (a fact not me being arrogant or anything)…maybe she’s not that drunk…She stumbled against me almost falling over.  Scratch that thought…she’s gone…I gently caught hold of her arms and steered her off the dance floor to a table and chairs sitting her down.  I grabbed a glass of water and handed it to her and then pouring one for myself and downing it in one gulp.  Marly sipped at hers and then grinned sheepishly at me. 

“I do this all the time…James always tells me to drink water…I never do…”

James?  She had someone…

“He’s Carly’s…friend…” It was as if she’d read my mind.  I leaned against the table watching as she drank the water.  She was really beautiful…all she needed to do was ditch the glasses and wear contacts like Chuck did and she would be perfect.  She wasn’t skinny…that was always extremely off-putting, nothing worse then a chick that looked like she starved herself.  Marly noticed me checking her out and she blushed a little.

“You’re really pretty…” I blurted out before I could stop myself…my little man down below started to stir.  None of that…

“Err…thanks…” she smiled but didn’t return my compliment.  I frowned slightly at that uncertain how to proceed.

“Um…” I started then stopped looking around.  Chuck was still sitting in a corner talking on his cell…Jeff, David, Seb and Pat were now on the dance floor with Marly’s friends tearing it up.  I turned back to Marly and chewed on my bottom lip nervously.  “So…want to get out of here?  Maybe go back to the hotel us guys are staying at?”  I wondered what she’d say.  A lot of fans jumped at the chance…and well I don’t need to tell you how it usually ends up.  Before she could answer though a man with short dark blonde hair who looked to be around my age slumped in the chair next to her.  He was bulked up…probably played rugby or something.  I frowned as Marly turned to him and grinned.

“Hey, Josh…what are you doing here?  Muzza won’t be too happy to find out you’ve been clubbing…”

“Nah…I just popped in for a minute, Ben’s here, I went and said hi to him…then saw you.  Thought I’d come say hi.”  Josh noticed me then.  “Who’s this?”

Marly shifted in her seat.  “That’s Pierre.  Pierre, this is Josh Hannay…he’s a Cowboy…”

“In more ways than one,” he teased reaching out to touch her hair.  She blushed a little and pushed his hand away.  He caught hold of her hand and squeezed it as he nodded at me. 

“I play for the Cowboys…local rugby team…we’re in the Grand Final.”

“So I heard,” I spoke coolly, why do people always butt in when I’m doing something?  Apparently he had a thing for Marly, she for him.  It was obvious by the way they were acting toward each other. 

“Coming to the game?”

“You know it…I’ll be rooting for you.”

“Hehe…you’ll be rooting me you mean.”

“Very funny, Josh…I don’t know what Mattie or the others would think of that comment.” 

Josh wrapped his arms around her blatantly ignoring me.  Then he bounced to his feet and left after giving her a peck on the cheek.  Marly picked up her glass of water and finished it off.

“I’m going to head home.” She climbed to her feet.  She just blew me off…either that or she didn’t hear me…

“Uh…what about my offer…?” I know…I’m a little arrogant at times I must admit…

She stared at me then shook her head.  “Look…I hardly know you…anyway…see you tomorrow.”

Way to put some one down girl…still…no one’s ever turned me down off the bat before…actually it’s kinda refreshing…not having a fan throwing herself at me…yeah…it’s all good.  Who am I kidding?  The first fan that I’m actually attracted to…but she’s smitten with a sport’s buff…how come I get no luck? 


[End Pierre’s P.O.V.]


I hurried out of the Cri still hearing Pierre’s question in my mind.  “So…want to get out of here?  Maybe go back to the hotel us guys are staying at?”

I shook my head hard and almost collided with Josh who had obviously not left yet.

“Marly…you okay?” he looked at me in concern as I stumbled.  I managed to right myself by grabbing hold of his arm.  He slipped his other arm around my waist.  “Maybe I should drive you home?”

“Thanks, Josh…” I muttered.  He helped me into his car as Ben who he had been talking to him went and told my friends I was going home.

When we arrived at my place, Josh walked me to the front door.  I turned to him and leaned against him pressing my forehead against his broad chest.  I don’t know why I did it, it just felt right.  I felt him stroke a hand through my hair then he tilted my face to his and kissed me on the lips.  He pulled back then, winked at me and smiled.

“See you at the game, Marlz.”

I stood with my fingers pressed to my mouth as he climbed into his beat up Mazda and drove off.  I stumbled inside and collapsed onto my bed…I think I was asleep before my head even hit the pillow. 

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