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Team Colours part 9


Wed 19th Oct

NRL Grand Final Day


Thud… “Ow…” I fell out of bed my sheets tangled around me.  My eyes flew open and I blinked blearily then wiped the sleep from my eyes.  For several seconds I just stared at the ceiling from my uncomfortable position on the floor.  Then I slowly extricated myself from the tangle of blue sheet and pulled myself to my feet.  Grand Final day…this is going to be good…


Coffee…hmmm…so good…I sat in the small café in the mall sipping from a hot Styrofoam cup of Robert Timm’s coffee…chocolate flavoured to boot.  It had only taken me five minutes to get dressed this morning.  I was wearing my beige ¾ length pants that had the pocket in the right leg, and I was wearing my Cowboys’ polo T-shirt and a pair of tired old sneakers.  I heard the sound of feet and glanced up and frowned slightly in surprise.  It was Chuck.
“Mind if I join you?”

“Sure…you’re up early.”

“Yeah…I’m the early waker in the band.  Always have been.  I’m the one organising everything for the band.  Hehe…like on tour I organise press and signings etcetera…” Chuck took the seat opposite me.  I noticed he also had a Styrofoam cup of coffee.  He took a sip from it as he pulled out an electronic organiser and studied it with a small frown.  I leaned back on my chair and gazed up at the sky that was a clear blue, not a cloud in sight.  It would be stinking hot today.  I drained the rest of my coffee then pulled out the custard slice I’d bought for breakfast.  As I chomped into it Chuck smiled at me.

“Isn’t that unhealthy?”

“97% fat free…” I mumbled around my mouthful. 

“Custard-slice that’s fat free?  What next…healthy McDonalds?”

I chuckled.  “Never had the deli stuff at Macca’s?”

“Don’t go to McDonalds…we eat healthy.”

“I noticed.”  I’d seen the guys’ rider…mixed nuts…water…nothing much else.  And they ate healthy food mostly.  Which was a good thing.  I usually ate too much junk food for my own good even though I tried not to.  It’s just really hard to pass up some hot chips when you’re in the middle of studying.  Brain food I like to think of it as.  I usually go for a long walk with the dog after to ease my guilt.  I was snapped out of my thoughts when I realised Chuck had asked me something.


“What did you say to Pierre last night?  He was acting weird before I left the hotel this morning.”

“Oh, he was up as well?”

“Yeah…unusual for him but he was being very…quiet.  If he’s awake that early he’s usually very noisy and trying to wake everybody else up.”

I frowned.  “I don’t think I said anything to him…I…oh…he did ask me back to the hotel with him…but I declined.”

“You blew him off?  Pierre?  Haha…it’s about time…” Chuck laughed out loud and wiped an imaginary tear from his eye.  “Oh my God…I wish I could have seen that…”

“I guess…he doesn’t get that a lot?”

Chuck sighed.  “Usually a girl will be willing to go with him.  You’re…different.  I like that.”

“Thanks.  I don’t get why, just because I’m a chick and I’m a fan that I have to be like that…I mean…wouldn’t it freak him out a bit?  Anyway…I can be obsessed in my own way…but I wouldn’t throw myself at a guy I don’t know personally.  Actually I wouldn’t throw myself at any guy period.”

“That’s nice to know.”  Chuck finished his coffee and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.  “Well, I have to go get the guys…we have a radio appearance today…Mix FM…”

“MIX 106.3, my second favourite radio station.” I stretched and held my hand to my mouth as I yawned.  “What time?”

“11 AM…will you tune in?”

“Well…duh…” I smiled at him.  “Of course.  Anyway, see you after?”

“Yes…aren’t you taking us to…uh…Billabong Sanctuary today?”

“Yep…see you later then.”

“See you.”

I watched as Chuck walked back down the mall.  I finished off my custard slice grabbed my rubbish and made my way to Uni. 


                                                            * * * * *

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