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The Eagles, Simple Plan & Savage Garden – CD

  1. Hole in the World – This song makes me cry every time I listen to it.  The Eagles started writing this on September 11th 2001.
  2. Perfect World – My favourite SP song…just the feeling of it and the words.
  3. Love Will Keep Us Alive – This song is very well sung by Timothy B. Schmit
  4. Truly Madly Deeply – I only started listening to this song a week ago…last time was in 1997.
  5. Hotel California – The very first Eagles song i listened too…actually sang it in karaoke.
  6. Everytime – A SP ballad.
  7. In the City – Joe Walsh sings this.
  8. I Want You – fast paced SG song
  9. Life in the Fast Lane – fast paced, sung by Glenn Frey
  10. Welcome To My Life (Acoustic) – This version of wtml sounds almost live w/out being live…love the strings in this one.
  11. Desperado – Don’s voice is amazing in this one.
  12. To the Moon and Back – I just like this song, period.
  13. Heartache Tonight – fun beat…a definite keeper…and the epitome of the eagles.
  14. The Last Resort – long song…7 minutes but i like alot.
  15. I Can’t Tell You Why – Timothy again…he does this one great live.
  16. Untitled (How Could This Happen to Me?) – what is there to say except, Pierre’s voice is wicked in this.

2 thoughts on “The Eagles, Simple Plan & Savage Garden – CD

  1. hey whats that savage garden song that goes "i want you i need you" is that what it is cold??? it used to be on the music channle all the time any wayttyl

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