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Listening to: If I Die Tomorrow – Motley Crue (written by Simple Plan)
Yes I know I’m late, it’s almost the end of the month!  LOL
anyway it’s been pretty busy here.  Our house is being renovated.  Anyways I have some pictures to add in the Lee section.
Speaking of, he’s on Video Hits from 10 am this morning 😀
EDIT: and some pics from christmas
EDIT2:  Lee’s Platinum single Wasabi is great! and his album comes out on Feb 19th!

5 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR

  1. Hey,I just thought you should know we have the same name lol and I dont met many people with the same name lolso yeacya xx

  2. YO!!!! how was chirstmas? yeah i have a new email now so yeah and stuph and such can ya tell i’m at a loss for words?your palsid

  3. hey! i came across your space when i was searching for pierre stuff 🙂
    your space is awesome n pierre is one hot man… hes gorgeous in real life too 🙂
    check out my space when youve got time.. ive got photos up from the times ive met him 🙂
    love kaity

  4. Heyyy!
    I Love Lee and Simple Plan <3333  Pierre is the most gorgoeus thing in the world ❤
    Peace Out
    xx KIIIM

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