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Because I need somewhere to vent.

Okay, so tell me something?  Do they think my family is made of money?  $63,000 a year for rent?  I don’t think that’s -ing fair!  Sorry, Terry P.  I had to kind of steal your way of cursing, ’cause I know it’s rude to do otherwise, and it sounds pretty cool anyway.  [No copyright infringement intended…]  Anyway, for real.  Why would you do that to us?  We want to keep the business going, and we want to make things work.  I also WANT to be able to live…I mean on the $56 K…I would’ve gotten $40 K to live and repay the bank loan…but, $63K, that’s just ridiculous.

Oh, well.  Not much I can do about it.  Just pray, and figure out the finances.

Anyway, this is my first blog here, and probably won’t be my last.  Look out for more….hopefully, not such a ranting one.

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