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Mind Your Own Business…and other things

So, this Gift shop thing is looking worse, and worse.  Tonight, we’re going to figure out with my accountant whether it’s worth going ahead, based upon the figures Dad and I worked on yesterday.  It doesn’t look promising.  Best case scenario, I’d only end up with something like $7 K a year for six days of fulltime work.  Not fun. 

Of course, I am lucky because I do have casual work.  It may be administration work, a far cry from what I trained to do.  But, my colleagues are very nice, and the working environment is not overly stressful. 

I understand if I do get the business it will be hard work, and stressful to a point.  But, it’s not worth putting myself through all the stress if I’m getting less money a year than I could get by going on the Dole.

Of course, this doesn’t negate the MYOB course I am doing.  It will come in handy even if it is to enable me to find some work in the meantime.  There are always other opportunities to be had.  I feel a little sorry for the current business owners though.  They wish to sell because one of them wishes to return to his home overseas.  So, if this falls through, they will have to go through the whole process again.  We/my parents will only have lost a small amount of money compared to that.

Still, quite a bit of money has been put into this on our side.  Particularly with fees to the solicitor…but that’s another whole story altogether…

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