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Long Weekend!

It’s the long weekend, Foundation Day here in WA [Queen’s Birthday in the eastern states].  This is the weekend where if we’d still been in Townsville, we would have gone up north [yes, north] to get our little slice of winter.  We used to go to the Lake Eacham Hotel in Yungaburra, had an open fire and fun trivia and family night.  But, here…we don’t have to go anywhere for winter.  I’d rather fly back to Townsville and have winter there…

Anyway, before I go on about the weekend, I’ve managed to accomplish several things in the past few days.  Here’s the list.

  1. Been to CentreLink to register for some form of benefit [we’ll see how that pans out.]
  2. Been to CFI to register on Job Services Australia.  
  3. Worked.  
  4. Almost completed my MYOB course, two weeks left.
  5. Procrastinated a bit…

So, that’s it for now.  Back to the long weekend.

At Church the new them for June is Faith: Expectant.  I’m expecting good things to come.  The previous theme, Going Public.  Not Ashamed, is my new life theme.  I even have the [long-sleeved] T-Shirt to prove it!

Next blog I’ll probably post a photo.  Anyway, I have to go home now.

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