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Avenged Sevenfold – Buried Alive Lyric Video

Okay, so this is a band I’m obsessing over at the moment. I have to honestly say they are my favourite band since first hearing them at the end of October. I did hear one song back in 2006, but at that stage I wasn’t into that sort of music.

This is the second pre-released song before their 5th album comes out on the 27th of July. [30th for us here in Australia].

The song is called Buried Alive and I can’t really explain it except it makes me realise again how true a vocalist the lead singer is.

The band by the way is Avenged Sevenfold. It consists of:

M Shadows [Matt Sanders] – Lead Vocals
Zacky Vengeance [Zachary Baker] – rhythm guitars
Synyster Gates [Brian Haner Jr] – lead guitar
Johnny Christ [Johnny Seward] – bass
and The Rev [Jimmy Sullivan] – drums [deceased] – RIP The Rev FoREVer [1981-2009]

An amazing band. The album is Nightmare. The first single was Nightmare. The album is a mix of concept ideas loved by The Rev and songs that are about and for the drummer.

May he Rock In Peace.

PS.  Yes I know some people might be thinking, why are you listening to music like that, you’re such a clean cut person and you’re a Christian.  But honestly, I appreciate music as an art form and a way of expressing emotions.  But I do not prescribe to the artists’ own personal beliefs, whatever they may be; that’s not what the music is about to me.

Just saying.

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