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Random thoughts at the end of another week

Good evening,

Just some random thoughts for you to chew on, or not, since it’s not food.

  1. I’m not sure how it works, but sometimes I latch onto a song and it’ll wind its way into my mind, and heart and I just can’t get sick of listening to it.  Very few songs fit the bill, but the ones that do, include Perfect World (Simple Plan) and Victim (A7X).  Others would be, Bye Bye Bye (*NSYNC), He Don’t Love You (Human Nature) Hole in the World (The Eagles), Love Changes Everything (Michael Ball) and No Ordinary World (John Farnham).  PW and V top the list, though.  
  2. I really really like Nic’s cupcakes.
  3. I crave marshmallows at that time of the month.
  4. I once listened to a song so much it sounded like it had gone out of tune.  And no it wasn’t a tape that had worn.
  5. I really want to go see the Tomorrow When the War Began movie.  I read the novels when I was younger, and had a huge crush on Homer Yannos.  I think he was seriously my first fictional crush…lol.
And that’s it.  Night everyone.  No thought for the night tonight.

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