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And so today was the day the Pies became Premiers after twenty years.

I was so nervous this morning, I almost felt sick.  Ironically I now have cramps, but I can curse the fact that I’m a woman, for that.

Anyway, back to the Grand Final replay.  I must say, aside from the actual Grand Final, I’ve never been so excited, nervous and amp’ed up over a football game.  I vow to remain excited about Collingwood for a long time to come, though.

They’re my team, and I am immensely proud.  I still remember the 2002/2003 schemozzles against Brisbane Lions.  We lived in Townsville, then.  The first time round, ’02, we were at home to watch the game, and Mum and I spent a week making a Go Magpies banner, which we hung up on the balcony for all to see.

That didn’t help… then the second time round, ’03, we were in Darwin, and Brisbane were flogging them before half time.  So, we went for a walk, and Mum said someone could’ve shot a gun down the middle of the main street because everyone was inside watching the game.

Devastation both times and not since 1990 had the Pies won the flag.  And I have to say I don’t remember that last time because I was not quite 5.

Now though, nine days before my 25th birthday, I have to say the Pies have given me the best early birthday present, yet.

They won the replay 16. 12. 108 to the Saints 7. 10. 52.

The Saints put up a good fight, but Collingwood were just all over them ‘like a rash’ as my dad likes to say.

Pendlebury got the Norm Smith Medal this week.  [Lenny Hayes got it on the actual Grand Final day].  But I think Thomas could’ve got it just as easily.  He was everywhere, so were a lot of other players.

This game has to be the best for me personally.

And as it said in the song:

The Premiership WAS a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.

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