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Week almost done…

  1. I bought a new laptop today.  I’m in the middle of configuring it and organising software on it.  It’s nice and shiny and new…
  2. We made spring rolls at work today.  The kids really enjoyed them.  There were a couple who didn’t eat many, but the majority really liked them.  We used puff pastry this time, but I think next time we should buy the spring roll pastry and tray that.
  3. I’ve started another Bible unit at TTC.  It’s all about Christianity and what The Bible says about it.  We’ve looked at some interesting topics [doctrines] already and the sub-topics within.  For example the Trinity and the whole issue of God being One but existing as Three Persons.  
  4. This is just a random post because it’s been awhile since I last blogged.
  5. Live life to the fullest, live life for God.  Live.

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